What to do, activities Côte d'Azur

What to do, activities Côte d'Azur


The Côvous always on the duration of the course and its difficulty. Most of the time, tourist offices have very practical brochures (sometimes for a few euros).

In the Alpes-Maritimes, do not ignore the excellent “Randoxygene” brochures published by the departmental council, available in tourist offices or downloadable from

Don't forget a few recommendations.

- You have to be rather good physical condition and adapt your walking pace to the terrain.

- Thinking of a chef remains essential, as well as veterrain.

- Day off.

- Me68-02-06 or 83 (0,34 € / min). This will allow you to choose your routes well. Coastal paths, such as around the capes, are dangerous in heavy seas. Along the rivers, the descent does not take place after heavy rains (course partially flooded!). Mediterranean storms are sudden and sometimes violent: only a consultation of the local weather forecast will be able to inform you. In autumn or spring, the peaks "catch" the fog, which sometimes obstructs beautiful panoramic views. So, it's best to leave early enough to be there around 10am and enjoy the best times of the day.

- In pépiste.

The Way of Saint James on the Côte d'Azur

The Way of Saint James says via Tolosana (GR 653A from Menton to Niçpays Antibois and Cannes, before joining Mandelieu-la-Napoule. It then crosses the superb massif de l & rsquoRaphaëMaximin, 3rd tomb of chréen-Provence.


Dive centers

In France, the majority of seafarers (FFESSM). The others are attached to the National Association of Diving Instructors (ANMP) or the National Union of Diving Instructors (SNMP). Supervision is provided by instructors who master the framework of the dives and know all their spots “on the tip of the fins”.

A good dive center from a club that takes you on board without any prior question about your level! Check if the center is well maintained (rust, cleanliness ...), if the safety equipment - mandatory - (oxygen, first aid kit, cell phone or radio ...) is on board. The instructors' diplomas must be displayed.  

Diving on the French Riviera

Privileged bercélaboratoire ... La Mare Nostrum delivers emarin. Even if the Mediterranean, a closed sea with such a fragile equilibrium, is continuously injured by intense and often thoughtless human activities ...

Specific information

- The mé68-08 followed by the department number.

- The depth : While diving on a rock generally allows you to keep your bearings and stay at shallow depths, the exploration of wrecks (between 40 and 60 m deep) is exclusively reserved for experienced divers in deep diving conditions.

- The visibility : excellent, 20 m on average!

- The currents : they are well located, but can be violent and lead to the cancellation of the dive.

- Underwater life: your instructor, who knows its coastline, will familiarize you with the beauties and traps of the Mediterranean seabed, while unearthing interesting things to observe. Certain species display a systematic presence on the spots.

- Golden rules: respect this fragile environment. Do not feed the fish. Besides the obvious ecological reasons, some "beasts" - too accustomed - could turn against you. Finally, do not take anything, and be careful where you put your fins!

- Final tips: while diving, absolutely stay in visual contact with your teammates. Watch out for nets left on rocks or wrecks.


Pétanque (from Occitan pe, “foot”, and tanco, “fixed to the ground”) is the most popular game in the South. Until the 1910s, we played the game of Provence, taking 3 steps before throwing the ball. Because of his rheumatism, a player named Jules Le Noir suggested playing with his feet “tanqués” (planted) on the ground.

The peddling chase, by hitting it, the ball too well placed. The great shooters can remove the opposing ball and take its place. It is called " make a diamond ».
In Provence, the "long" perpetuates the old ball game, with 3 steps of momentum.

To understand everything about the pétanque ball (and the real one from the past, studded, please!), Be sure to visit the interesting Woodturners Museum in Aiguines (Var).

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