Washington DC History

Washington DC History

ConçCharles L'Enfant, a military engineer, son of a painter at the French court, hired in 1777 at the age of 23 alongside the American insurgents during the War of Independence, who is responsible for drawing his plans.

“United in Washington. It was at this time that the presidential residence, blackened by flames, had to undergo a complete renovation which gave it the name of " White House "...

C & rsquo1865) which finally confers its legitimacy on Washington. The conflict saw soldiers and officials land en masse, leading to a rapid increase in the population - supported by the growing influx of blacks fleeing slavery. At the end of the conflict, the city, despite its lack of development, becomes the symbol of unity found.

In 1980, African Americans made up over 70% of the population (up from 47% today). The city earns the nickname of Chocolate city.

We are now seeing this as the reason why the district is a stronghold of the Democratic Party (whose candidates generally win 80% of the vote).

Since September 11, 2001, Washington has given the impression of being in a permanent state of siege. In all public buildings (museums included), security checks multiply with detection gates and bag searches ... If you go to the Capitol and other so-called "sensitive" places, be ready to draw (slowly!) your passport.

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