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Heavy body of water, the winding Spree, walks quietly between Berlin's monuments. The nautical landscapes follow one another, mixing the industrial past, contemporary art with certain small corners of nature still preserved.

Our activity: Berlin discovery river cruise on the Spree


On the side of the Oberbaumbrücke (former border post), you will find the strange swimming pool-boat in Berlin [link to 2BIS report]. Not far from there will be seen titanic sculptures whose feet are bathed in water.

The Oberbaumbrücke is in fact a privileged place from which to start a short walk.

You can arrive by metro Warschauer Starsse or Schlesisches Tor and walk towards the next bridge in a southeasterly direction: an den Treptowers.

I particularly enjoyed crossing the bridge thinking of all the people who couldn't do it for many years...

It is almost as pleasant to enjoy the view from the bridge as to watch it from afar, from the banks of the Spree. The capitals of the two towers have a particular style that is sure to amaze and attract, giving a postcard look to the photos one takes.

You will undoubtedly find a few vacant lots on your way, lined with buildings whose walls are acrobatically painted with creative graffiti.

These temporarily abandoned places are replaced by modern offices for young dynamic companies.

It is in the bitumen meshes of this net woven of everything and anything that we will find the singular entrance to the swimming pool in particular.

Many “underground” clubs and discotheques have also taken up residence in the vicinity.


Once you have reached the second bridge, going a little further, you can immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of Treptower Park. J

I recommend visiting this corner of greenery (of freckles) in autumn, when the golden tones come just in time to enhance the color of the gray of the last Soviet watchtower still standing. Indeed, we are not far from the route of the wall (“berliner mauer Weg”).

But the period of the observation towers is well and truly over and it is in complete safety that you can take your dog out or even jog between the immense trunks of the large trees shading the park.

Display panels are sure to give you historical and practical details about the places past, especially regarding the grayish old command post.

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Metro : Schlesisches Tor / Warschauer Strasse

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