Volcanoes 2003, a smoking event

See you from March 8 to 16, at the “les Esselières” space in Villejuif, for a most explosive event. Volcanoes 2003, a festival designed to meet our curiosity and the desire to understand the activity of these disturbing reliefs, will allow scientists, enthusiasts, young and old children to meet. Exhibitions, conferences and activities are on the program, to immerse you in a volcanic adventure!

A bubbling idea

The idea of ​​creating an event around volcanoes was born from the meeting of two enthusiasts. The paths of Ivan Biélakoff and Arnaud Guérin, both geologists by training, crossed in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel: they were looking for traces of mountain ranges over six hundred million years old. .. Volcanoes 2003 is the realization of their common desire to share their flame for the Earth, this living planet. It is in the heart of the Paris region, in Villejuif, that the public is invited to come and discover the secrets of volcanoes for a week.
In an area of ​​over 2 m000, called les Esselières, the “explorers” will enter the heart of a disturbing and fascinating universe, where gray and red are the predominant colors: the volcano “les Esselières” will erupt ! The aim of this festival is to promote exchanges between a curious public and connoisseurs ready to share their passion for volcanoes.

Exposures to danger ...

During the festival, there will be permanent activities: a museum space will invite you to stroll through six different worlds.
From the start of the visit, you will be immersed in an explosive atmosphere. As an introduction to the trip, the alley of the volcanoes will present the most terrifying volcanic phenomena: lava flows, fiery clouds, etc., so many threats that sometimes seem supernatural.
Continuing, the gallery of the world's volcanoes will exhibit the grandiose images taken by adventurers who will offer you a world tour of the most impressive volcanoes. Then you will enter the universe of the abyss for a dive into under the sea ... volcanoes, where "marine black smokers" and ocean ridges are the source of most of the volcanic activity on Earth.
The universe of volcanoes in America, among which the famous Mount Saint-Helens in the middle of the forests of Oregon, will be the next stopover. The Cascade Range, a mythical place where giant volcanoes continually show their innards, will also be highlighted.
Penultimate step, Volcanoes and people recall the stormy relationship between humans and fire giants: six hundred million people still live under the threat of active volcanoes.
The adventure ends with the expedition bivouac : a camp to put yourself in the shoes of volcanologists working on the sides of Italian volcanoes ...

Meeting with enthusiasts

This fire and rock festival also offers to attend educational activities intended to arouse the curiosity of everyone: conferences, exchanges with scientists, adventurers or photographers will allow you to better understand the passion of those who live to the rhythm of volcanoes. The general public will in particular be entitled, during the week, to guided tours between 9 a.m. and 19 p0: they will be led by geologists and volcanologists.
On weeknights and weekends, scientists (volcanologists, geologists, paleontologists) or adventurers will give lectures on themes such as the climatic impact of volcanic eruptions (Saturday 8th), or even volcanoes and dinosaurs ( Tuesday 11) ... Big names will be present, such as Yves Paccalet, Albert Jacquart or Yves Coppens, at the Esselières conference area.
The weekend of March 15 and 16 will honor twenty enthusiasts, selected by the organizing committee of the event, who will present their best images and stories of their adventures at the foot of volcanoes ...
On Sunday March 9 and Friday March 14, a space will also be reserved for discussions between the public and specialists. It will be a science café, as there are philosophy cafés, during which a facilitator will link each participant in the debate, all over a good drink.

Finally, a world tour of volcanoes, it digs. This is perhaps why the cuisines of the world are also highlighted, whether in the restaurant fitted out for the occasion in Esselières, or on the site dedicated to the event: a section teaches us the recipes of the dishes that we eat in volcanic regions ...

Creat Lithosphere

Specific information

Volcanoes 2003
D from 8 to 16 March 2003
Les Esselières Congress Center
3, boulevard Chastenet de Gery
94800 Villejuif
To find out more about the event, take a trip to the Volcans 2003 website!

The rates :
- A single visit (with guide): € 10.
- To attend a conference: € 10.
- The visit plus a conference: € 15.

To regain strength:
- Enzo Café:
The Esselières bar will be open every day: drinks, sandwiches, pastries ...
- The Musardière:
The self-restaurant will welcome you during the week from 12 p.m. to 14 p.m. to taste the volcanic dishes of the day. Exceptionally, it will also be open on March 15 and 16 from 19 pm, for meals to discover the cuisine of "volcanic" countries!

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