Visit Altun Ha and the city of Belize

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Visit to Altun Ha and the City of Belize, A Tale of Two Cities. Visit the ancient Mayan city of Altun Ha, (the stone rock pond) and learn more about the city's history and its importance to Mesoamerica.

An hour north of Belize City, your drop-off point, along scenic country roads, secondary rainforest, Creole villages and remote homesteads, further enhances the majestic beauty of the Maya ceremonial center called Altun Ha (stone rock water).

Royal priests ruled this site for many centuries and traded with other Maya centers in Central America. About 30 years ago, Dr. David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, together with his excavation team, discovered a tomb of a priest in the Temple of Masonry Altars, and in it, a nine and three quarter jade sculpture of the sun god, Kinich Ahau, a world famous event! Climb the stone steps to the stars!

Surround yourself with the atmosphere of these ancient astronomers living in the rainforests of Belize. After a delicious Belizean lunch and your Mayan civilization travel experience, return to Belize City, the former British colonial capital of Belize, and enjoy your sightseeing tour with a mix of Caribbean, Central American, and colonial architecture; then return to the tourist village for shopping before returning to your liner.

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