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Just like its counterpart of Lastovo, the island of Vis is, due to its strategic position, a destination recently opened to civilians. A former military base, Vis is worth it and if you don't have the chance to sail your own sailboat, it will cost you some three and a half hours by ferry from Split to reach your goal. But it's worth it if you're ready to communicate with an audience made up of a large majority of Croatians, which probably means that Vis remains a destination that has not yet suffered too much from the development of tourism.

If the town of Vis remains a charming little port with nothing exceptional except an often excellent welcome and small beaches close to the center with few bathers and magnificent water, the rest of the island is worth a detour. Going around the island with a car or a rental scooter will offer you many impressive viewpoints over the small coves of the island. Be careful if you walk off the beaten track, the signage is still uncertain… In the evening, if the choice of restaurants and bars is not huge, you will be surprised by their quality and the atmosphere that reigns there. The local speciality, viska pogaca, a kind of anchovy and tomato pie, will make you happy with anchovies.

Komiza, the island's second largest town, is probably better able to satisfy tourists looking for Dalmatian authenticity. The old stone houses are all more charming than each other and you will benefit from a rare setting in Europe these days. You will have plenty of time to stroll from café to café while waiting, navigation conditions permitting, for an excursion to the Blue Grotto, a rare natural phenomenon which, thanks to the incidence of light, transforms the interior of a gigantic cave. off the island in azure paradise!

Paradise for boaters, Vis is an island that will delight both nature lovers and holidaymakers wishing to spend a pleasant stay in contact with the local population, put on your Franco-Croatian dictionary!

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