Verona: what to visit, what to do? 12 things not to miss

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Discovering Verona, in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet

The Veneto does not only have Venice to offer. The traveler who loves cities of art, the music lover, but also lovers of Italy will be delighted by the splendours of the charming medieval city of Verona, a 1 hour drive from the City of the Doges. So here are 30 must-see tours and activities in Shakespeare's City of Lovers. This selection is optimal for a short stay of around 12 days, the time of a long weekend ...

Playing romantics in front of Juliet's house

La Casa di Giulietta on Cappello Street is a Gothic palace believed to have once belonged to the Capulets, one of the rival families in Shakespeare's tragedy. In the courtyard, the famous balcony. Not far from there, you can also admire Romeo's house… To see of course!

Giulietta's home

Stroll through Piazza delle Erbe and its colorful market

The ancient Roman Forum of Verona is today a superb Italianate square, very colorful, almost unchanged since the Middle Ages. We stroll among the stalls of local products at the daily market, or we sit down on the terrace of a café to savor the atmosphere as much as the contents of our cup! This is also how we visit a city.

Spend an evening at the arenas

The ancient bullring of Verona is worth a visit at any time of the year, but the summer is the occasion to discover the Roman ampitheater during one of the opera performances which are programmed there with great pomp. . Aida is one of the great classics of the place.

Verona Arena

Get lost in the alleys and discover the squares

Once you have passed the tourist arteries, I invite you to lose yourself in the small streets of the city, each more charming than the next. You will thus have the opportunity to discover magnificent squares (Piazza dei Signori or Palazzo del Mercato Vecchio for the most beautiful cities) which offer a beautiful view of this city of art, and without the crowds.

Visit the imposing Castelvecchio

The Castelvecchio is an imposing red brick castle, which bears witness to the medieval past of the city of Verona. Truly impressive, it deserves a detour as well as the fortified bridge built in its extension, the Ponte Scaligero.


Traverser le Ponte di Castelvecchio (or Ponte Scaligero)

Backing onto the castle of the same name, and lined with the same red bricks, this bridge is a beautiful way to enter the historic center by going back in time to medieval times. Do not miss the lighting in the evening or the play of lights created on this ramparts at sunset.

Tread the cobblestones of Ponte Pietra

The second beautiful entrance to the center of the city, the Pont de Pierre (Ponte Pietra) is an ancient Roman road bridge. Witness of different periods (white marble for the Roman period, and red bricks for the part rebuilt at the time of the Scaligeri), it was rebuilt identically following the Second World War.

Relax in the Giusti garden

Very quiet place, a few minutes walk from the city center, this garden overlooks the city of Verona and offers a real moment of relaxation. Fountains, caves and labyrinth allow you to have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To visit in peace.

Giusti Garden

Admire the view over Verona from Castel San Pietro

Perfect panorama to admire the city of art, you will have to climb the hill overlooking the old Roman theater and arrive at Castel San Pietro. From there, the view is simply magnificent!

Climb up to the Sanctuary of Madonna di Lourdes

Another beautiful sight to be deserved, and especially less known… The walk is sporty but very pleasant, and above all, the arrival will be rewarded, especially if you aim for the sunset.

Taste a Pandoro

This star cake, covered with icing sugar, will appeal to all gourmets. This is Verona's specialty.

Discover the Valpolicella vineyard (around Verona)

For a day trip or a few hours, do not miss the Valpollicella vineyard, which begins at the gates of the city and taste a fruity red.

Good accommodation plan
To discover this beautiful region, I personally recommend the rental of Marco, an Airbnb host like no other, located between Verona, Lake Garda, and Valpollicella

Vignoble de la Valpolicella

ShortWhether you are a lover of history, classical music or typically Italian dolce vita, the city of Verona will have plenty to seduce you! In the meantime, remember to consult our month-by-month climate forecasts in order to define the best time to go to Verona.

And if you have already visited Verona, tell us what are - for you - the things to see, to do or to visit, but especially not to miss?

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