Useful information and practical life on site Ukraine

Useful information and practical life on site Ukraine

Time difference

+ 1h in summer, + 2h in winter.


220 volts. Two-hole electrical outlets in most towns. Be careful, in some remote areas there are Russian-type sockets, with narrower holes than those of European standard sockets. In this case, provide or request an adapter.


L'Ukrainian resembles the Russian of whom she is a distant cousin by marriage; the two languages ​​are of the same linguistic family. Thus, as in Russia, the Cyrillic alphabet is used. It is imperative to know a few words of Russian or to have at least some notions. Only a few young people in the big cities speak English.


Ukrainian women dress well, with elegance and sophistication. Where do the clothes these women wear come from, from the simplest office worker to the fashion model?

Kiev possesol. Most of the major foreign brands are represented there.


Public toilets are dilapidated, dirty and often pay (1 UAH or more). The most shining and reliable are the toilets at Kiev train station and those in shopping centers.


- De France towards l & rsquo De Belgium, Switzerland or Canada to Ukraine: dial + 380.
- From Ukraine to France: dial 8 + 10 + 33 + n ° From l & rsquo From l & rsquo From Ukraine to Canada: 8 + 10 + 1 + correspondent's number.

Telephone codes for cities

- Kiev (Kyyiv): 044.
- Odessa: 048 and 0482.
- L & rsquo Yalta (Crimea): 0654.


In Kiev and other big cities, many places and bars offer free wifi areas.

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