Useful information and practical life in Qatar

Useful information and practical life in Qatar

Time difference

Qatar is 2 hours ahead of continental Western Europe in winter and 1 hour from April to October (the country does not apply summer time).


220-240 volts, 50 Hertz. The sockets are the same (type G), with three large rectangular pins; we sometimes also find old plugs with three large round pins as in India (type D). Remember to bring an adapter.

Opening hours

The work week begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday. 15 p.m.) or reopen in the evening (16 p.m. to 17 p.m. to 21 p.m., or even later).

Qatar is full of supermarkets 2h, the second 23h (except Friday morning for some). “Family days” reserved for women and children (men prohibited!) Are now rare in shopping centers, but they persist at the beach and in parks.

During Ramadan, almost all shops have a sometimes long break in the middle of the day (4h). The restaurants of the great Muslim men.


The official language is Arabic, but English is understood by a very large majority of the inhabitants: it serves as a lingua franca between Qataris and immigrant workers.


In his willJazeera, founded father of the current one.

The country intends to make its voice heard and even pre and even the bombing of its Afghan and Iraqi offices ...

On television as in the written press, the freedom of tone remains very controlled. Any criticism of the Emir and the reigning family is irrelevant, any investigation of controversial subjects immediately swept aside. Several European journalists suffered further in 2014 and 2015, who were arrested while trying to investigate the working conditions of foreign workers at the 2022 World Cup construction sites.

The new law on cybercrime Jazeera even, in 2010, 5 presenters resigned jointly to denounce the pressures on their dress.


To call Qatar from abroad, dial 00 974 followed by the 8-digit number (there is no area code). In the opposite direction, dial 00, the country code (32 Belgium, 33 France, 41 Switzerland), then the correspondent's number without the initial 0.

For your mobile you can buy a local Sim card for a preQ-Tel) and Vodafone Qatar. cities.
For example, the Ooredoo Hala card will give you the right to 350 minutes of local communications and 250 MB from 25 QR (validity: 7 days). There is also a package from only 10 QR. The Vodafone Red card works on a similar principle, it is a little cheaper.

For your international calls, the Ooredoo Dawli card offers fairly good rates: 1,5 QR / min for Europe (1 QR from 19 p.m. to 7 a.m. and on Fridays).


Wifi is available in all hotels (sometimes only at reception). There are also hotspots everywhere (especially in parks).

Internet is quite widely censored but also sometimes for more benign sites (sex education for example).

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