Unusual Paris for juniors

It's already back to school, but what if we extend the holidays a bit? From the sewers to the sky of Paris, we have found 10 unusual activities to do with children in Paris to tackle the school year in full swing. Let's go !

Paris on the wheel hats

No age limit.

Sidecar and Russian engine enthusiasts (and not Harley Davidson!), Dressed in deliciously vintage gentleman sider outfits, make the engine go back to the Sacré Coeur or the Latin Quarter. Behind the driver, or in the side, we discover Paris at ground level. Between 40 min and 1h30 of ride, day and night.

Kids love the sound of the engine and parents watch these mythical places or streets from unique points of view. The opportunity to revisit the history of Paris on the ground!

Practical information :  from 69 € / pers + 20 € / pers. Departure entrance to the Tuileries, place de la Concorde, Paris 1e. Site: www.retro-tour.com

Paris seen from the sky

No age limit.

Between two Pokémon hunts in André-Citroën Park, on the site of the former automobile brand's factories, rises the largest captive balloon in the world, more than 150 meters high with 6 m000 of helium, on hydroelectric winch.

Fun to explain Paris seen from the sky to children for ten minutes with up to 30 people on board. It is also interesting to explain the colors of the luminous LEDs on the balloon which is used to test the air quality of the capital (green: OK, orange: medium, red: stay at home!). Explanatory panels at reception.

Practical information : Parc André Citroën, Paris 15th. Come early in the morning to avoid the line. Adults € 12, children € 6, free under 3 years old. Daily 9 am-sunset. Check carefully if it flies before: www.ballondeparis.com or 01-44-26-20-00

Paris six feet under

From 6 years.

Paris has the largest sewer network in the world (nearly 2 km!). And it is possible to visit it: we discover how the French capital controls its drinking and wastewater, from Antiquity to the construction of the network by Belgrand, a 500th century engineer.

Be careful, you only visit a small part, about 500 meters, but it is enough to see the same architecture, both above and underground. The opportunity also to familiarize yourself with the sewer profession, to finally know if crocodiles have been found in the sewers and if Ratatouille does exist ...

Practical information : entrance by 93 quai d'Orsay, Paris 7th district. Tel: 01 53 68 27 81 Sat-Wed 10 am-17pm. Free or guided tours. Website: www.parisinfo.com/ Price: € 3,60 for 6-16 year olds.

Round trip Paris-Bangkok

No age limit.

The tuk-tuk, a kind of motorized tricycle, is one of the most popular means of public transport in Southeast Asia. He landed in Europe and did not spare Paris. For a group trip (up to 4-6 people), this can be a good plan to visit most of the capital in record time!

Several circuits are offered in a colorful vehicle, which does not go unnoticed in the streets of the capital. Children find it funny to drive around in this kind of little truck that sneaks up and stops in front of the main monuments of Paname. Come on, we smile for the photo!

Practical information : www.paris-tuktuk.fr from 25 € / pers. Do not hesitate to personalize the request if necessary.

In the footsteps of our ancestors

From 5 years

The Musée de l'Homme has had a facelift and its dynamic display enchants young and old alike. Who are we ? Where are we going ? Where do we come from ? To find out, we have fun sticking our tongue out, moving our body on Just Dance, or climbing aboard a very colorful African truck… Some alcoves with cutouts of skulls can shock the youngest, who are heading easily on the time curve which serves as a common thread for the visit.

We also discover a replica of Toumaï's brain, 7 million on the clock. The visit is super fun, especially with the downloadable application (intended for 8-12 year olds) to help Allen, an extraterrestrial, understand men. An entire program !

Plenty of free activities and workshops offered for the youngest from the start of the school year, weekends and holidays with mediators and specialists.

Practical information : Musée de l'Homme, 17 place du Trocadéro, Paris 16th arrdt. Website: www.museedelhomme.fr Free for children under 26.

Small fish in the water (of the Seine)

From 5 years.

It is an activity that one would rather practice in the countryside, and yet it is possible to fish in Paris. The opportunity to take your time and stay zen.

In a regulated manner, with a license, you can fish either catfish, perch, pike-perch, in the Saint-Martin canal or directly in the Seine. We call it street fishing, urban fishing.

The French Touch Fishing association offers to explain to apprentice fishermen the techniques, the kinds of approaches, which bait to choose, and the different categories of fish to catch. But above all they teach "no kill": the caught fish are quickly released.

Practical information : www.frenchtouchfishing.fr, tél : 09-54-58-94-09

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed !

From 5 years.

The REcyclerie is a hybrid place, located in the old Ornano station on the inner ring of Paris. You can come and eat under a large glass roof with a bird's eye view of the rails, but it is also a farm with 19 hens (visit on Tuesday at 15 p.m.), a collective garden, another of spices and fruit trees, the 'workshop REborn to come and have his old objects repaired (notions of recycling, ecology and the environment to pass on), and various activities offered to children such as a DIY course from recycled objects (for ages 8 and over). A great place to live, to have a good time, with family and friends, letting the kids run quietly!

Practical information : 83 bd Ornano, Paris 18th. Site: www.larecyclerie.com

Take a motionless trip to Paris

From 4 years.

Until October 16, Le Grand Train, an ephemeral place imagined by the Ground Control collective, is installed in a former SNCF railway depot over more than 2,5 ha. The opportunity to discover 25 locomotives, including the Ten Wheel steam locomotive, but also the outfits of railway workers through time.

You can also crack the seed in the car of a Corail train with the views of Paris-Venice from the windows! Lots of other finds to eat (food truck, gluten-free pastry chef, a Korean restaurant oddly called Jules & Shim), do your shopping at the short circuit market on weekends, and have fun with a pétanque court!

Practical information : 26 ter, rue Ordener 75018, Paris 18th. Wed-Sun 11 am-23:30pm. Internet: www.grandtrain.com

Learn about street art with JR

Going up and down the escalators of the Center Georges-Pompidou is already a lot of fun for children, just for the view!

Until September 19, the Galerie des Enfants de Beaubourg is hosting “Vous sont ici”, a workshop-exhibition by the artist JR, specializing in portraits, photography and urban collages, from Brazil to Kenya, via Paris with the recent "disappearance" of the Louvre pyramid. His works, often black and white, are spectacular and playful.

Enough to introduce children to this popular art, simple and easy to reproduce at home. But maybe not on the walls of their rooms!

Specific information : Georges Pompidou center, place Georges Pompidou, Paris 4th district. Tel 01 44 78 49 13. Website: www.centrepompidou.fr

The biggest fireworks display in Europe

For the 8th edition of the great fireworks display in Saint-Cloud Park (September 10, 2016 at 21 p.m.), the two accomplices Patrick Jolly and Jean Eric Ougier have chosen to focus on humor.

The first part of the fire opens with a succession of gags and adapted music. The second, masterful, in front of the steps of the park of Saint-Cloud makes us tread until the final bouquet which lasts 6 min. A real pyrotechnic choreography, between ballet and aerial symphony! Grandiose.

Practical information: Access “St Cloud entrance”, Boulogne / Pont St Cloud metro or “Sèvres entrance”, Pont de Sèvres metro. Tickets available at www.le-grand-feu.com and www.fnac.com. Prices: from 29 €.

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