United States: National parks are 100 years old

For a century, Unis has supported the preservation of major natural sites across the country. Among these parks are destinations that make you dream all over the world, from the redwood forests of California to the Grand Canyon, passing the Appalachian mountains, the swamps of the Everglades or the volcanoes of Hawaii. On the occasion of the centennial of the National Park Service, all these parks organize events. This is another reason to let yourself be tempted ...

The creation of the National Park Service

Le National Park Service was established on August 25, 1916 under President Woodrow Wilson's tenure. The aim was to bring together all of the existing natural parks within a single federal agency. Sites where landscapes, fauna and flora deserve to be preserved, in particular to offer leisure places as pleasant as they are instructive to all. They have therefore largely contributed to the development of tourism in the United States.

Today, the NPS manages 59 large parks, national monuments, as well as natural and historical sites of all kinds - there are four hundred in all - to which are added thematic routes.

For the anecdote, know that the first national park to have been created was that of Yellowstone in Wyoming in 1872, that the largest is that of Wrangell-St. Elias in Alaska (53 km²) and that the smallest is Hot Springs, Arkansas (000 km²).

Events and free admission

Throughout the year, each park organizes its own special activities and events. There are hundreds and hundreds… The site www.findyourpark.com lists them.

Good plan: where you have to pay an entry fee, it will be free during the National Park Service's 100th birthday weekend (August 25-28), National public lands day (September 24) and Veterans Day (November 11th).

Unmissable natural parks

Parks of the American West

We find the most natural parks in the United States. The California is particularly provided with it. Among the most famous: the forests of giant sequoias of Yosemite or those of Redwood or even ... Sequoia, the deserts of Joshua Tree, the lunar landscapes of the Death Valley...

 So many very famous sites to which are added the parks of the nearby states, some of which are also famous. You have the very spectacular Grand Canyon and the western scenery bristling with rocky peaks of the monument Valley (Arizona), the magical canyons of Zion, the rocks bristling with the strange shapes of Bryce Canyon, bridges and other eroded stone "constructions" of Ark (Utah), arid Mesa Verde and its ancient cave dwellings (Colorado) ...

To the north

More at north are the geysers and other sites of St. Elias (Alaska).

Other white peaks overlook humid forests and a wild coast in the Olympic park (Washington), which offers sports recreation but owes its name to that of its highest point!

In the eastern United States

At theis, one does not fail to explore the subtropical wetlands which constitute the Everglades (Florida). Other shades of green can be admired in the Acadia park (Maine) or the Great smoky mountains, among other things along the popular hiking trails that cross this part of the Appalachians (Tennessee and North Carolina).

Strengths that the shenandoah park (Virginia), also located in the Appalachians. Astonishing: the park of Mammoth cave (Kentucky), one of whose treasures is a very extensive network of underground caves full of concretions and fossils.

In the islands

Plus exotic are the parks that are located off the continent. That of Hawaii volcanoes has a meaningful name. Located on the Big Island, its stars are the very active Kīlauea and Mauna Loa.

Coral reefs, beaches, tropical forests and exceptional seabed are the strengths of the parks of the American Samoa in the Pacific and the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.


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