United Arab Emirates Identity Card

United Arab Emirates Identity Card

- Location: faith Area: approximately 82 km² Capital city : Abu Dhabi
- Population: 5 inhabitants (927 estimate), i.e. more than 482 times more than Density Change : US dirham S shapeHead of the Nahyan, é Prime Minister : Mohammed ben Rachid al Maktoum is Prime Minister and also Deputy Pre Political: the US Ethnicities: with only 21,9% of the population, the US Religion: islam to UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the cultural sites of Al Aïn (Hafit, Hili, Bidaa Bint Saud and the oases), inscribed in 2011.


The UAE's dynamism has long relied on a single source of income, the oil, exploited massively from the 1970s.

The unequal distribution of the resource between the emirates (nearly 95% of reserves are located in Abu Dhabi), the fall in prices in the mid-1980s and the depletion of reserves have, however, forced some to seek alternative income. This is how Dubai started its reconversion very early by developing service industries (port, air and financial place), public works and real estateAnd the tourism.

Abu Dhabi, however, decided to copy the Dubai model.

Since the exploitation of foreign work and a craze for exotic shopping destinations, have made it possible to reach exceptional growth rates, around 10%.

After this period of sustained growth, the economy of the emirates is currently experiencing a slowdown. The overheating economy, undermined by the global financial crisis, has burst the real estate bubble and brought the Emirates back to more realism. But while growth has stabilized, it remains one of the strongest on the planet.

Today, the economy is accelerating its diversification. Services (trade, tourism, finance) represent nearly 40% of GDP. The share of oil and hydrocarbons has been reduced to almost 27%. The United Arab Emirates is OPEC's 4th largest oil producer. Abu Dhabi provides more than 90% of hydrocarbon production.

Human rights

According to Amnesty International, in 2015/2016, “the UAE authorities arbitrarily restrict freedom of expression, and arrested and sued detractors of the government. [...] The security forces subjected dozens of people to enforced disappearance. Inmates were regularly tortured and mistreated. Prisoners of conscience have been kept in detention after unfair trials. Women have been discriminated against in law and in practice ”.
Thus, rape victims were convicted of “sex outside marriage”. 

Moreover, "the foreign workers were not adequately protected by law and they were exploited and abused. The death penalty has been upheld. "

  • Find out more on the Amnesty International website.
  • See also human rights in Abu Dhabi

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