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An invitation to travel… all around the world!

From Bolivia to Italy, via New York or Rio, Sophie and Xavier, young couple of globetrotters, give you desires elsewhere. Their travel anecdotes can be found on the blog.

Who are Sophie and Xavier?

After the adventures of Delphine and Jean-Philippe in the United States, this month we invite you to get to know Xavier and Sophie, a couple from Lorraine who love travel. The name of their blog is itself an invitation to travel the world: Deux Allers Simples…

With around twenty countries already on their list, Sophie and Xavier share their advice from globetrotters, a few anecdotes and their favorites on a daily basis. It was the gentleman who took part in the interview. At 27, the young man has been living in the Nice region for a few months and “obviously” works in the tourism sector. When he talks about his passions, the trip is never far either, although he also confesses a penchant for photography and sport.

In short, if you want to know more about his adventures around the world and his best travel memories, we let you embark with us!

What was the destination of your first trip (child or adult)?
I traveled up and down France until I was 18!

What made you want to travel and then share this passion on a blog?
I always wanted to travel without really knowing where it came from. Maybe because I can't stand still! But it is above all this thirst for discovery that does not stop growing! What's more, we have been traveling together for years and that is a great incentive to continue! For the blog, the goal was also to share this passion that drives us, and to show everyone that nothing is impossible.

What is the trip that struck you the most? Why ?
All trips mark us in their own way, which is why it is always difficult to answer that. Now if I had to choose I would say Peru and Bolivia. The simplicity of the people and their smiles change you forever.

Which country has “surprised” you the most? Why ?
Argentina! Its people, its landscapes, its culture and so on, we take heart and eyes!

Which country has “disappointed” you the most? Why ?
Difficult to say because we are not always in control of everything and that can work against a country ... But I would focus on China. Finally, really because I have to choose one… and then I hope that they will make me change my mind during a future stay!

What is your worst travel memory?
The bus ride between Uyuni, Bolivia, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Trouble after trouble, border closed, a guy gets out with my bag, fall in cacti, dusty road, bus breakdown, not to mention more than 50 hours of driving in 2 and a half days ...

Can you give us a funny or unusual anecdote that happened to you while traveling?
In Peru and Bolivia, when you withdraw money from the ATM, you take the banknotes first, then the card, the reverse of Europe ... Out of habit, I take the banknotes and leave without my card ... We were leaving the next day for Bolivia, so it was impossible to get it back. Fortunately, Sophie had her card… Finally, it was without taking into account the fact that she also forgot it the next day in an ATM!

How much do you spend on your trips?
There is no real budget, we start with a more or less large sum with, in mind the idea that “the less we spend, the more we travel”. We never deprive ourselves of anything, but we always think twice.

Which country do you dream of going to?
To choose only one… come on, Nepal!

In general, what do you look for when traveling?
Go on an adventure, discover and learn.

Is there a country where, “oddly”, you don't want to go at all?
Well then there, not at all! All countries fascinate me, and I hope I can always discover them one by one!

And closer to us, what is your favorite place in France?
My house, Lorraine.

Bonus: when and where is your next trip?
Big question, we change our minds every day! We thought of Cuba before an American invasion, but that can still change.

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