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Express return to the beginning of the XNUMXth century

Train journeys make it possible to combine the splendor of the landscapes, a slower temporality, the taste for adventure and sometimes the luxury of a service worthy of the greatest palaces. A unique dream cocktail!



Let's start with the European destinations. The most famous train, notably thanks to the novel by Agatha Christie, is the Orient-Express. When it was created, it made it possible to cross Europe from London (actually from Calais) to Istanbul. Today, this train still exists, but it only offers the very romantic Paris-Venice route (Simplon-Orient-Express) and, for some time yet, Paris-Vienna (Austria). For history buffs, read the excellent Orient-Express article on Wikipedia which gives you a good overview of the charms of such a trip.

For fans of "English-style" service, this is the most beautiful train in the world ... This is a convoy which carries only 36 passengers on each trip through the distant lands of Scotland. In the Royal Scotsman, it smells of old wood, wax, the malt of great whiskeys, the leather of travel trunks. A change of scenery and a journey through time guaranteed in the highlands.

On the North American continent, in Canada, a luxury line, the Royal Canadian Pacific, has been preserved. It is “limited” to the Calgary-Vancouver route, an excellent way to immerse yourself in Canadian nature: forests, lakes, mountains as far as the eye can see.

And adventure ...

Also in the dream destinations, we can choose the crossing of Russia with the famous Trans-Siberian, departure from Moscow or St-Petersburg, arriving several days later in Vladivostok, in the depths of Siberia. Please note, the Trans-Siberian is much less luxurious than the Orient Express. Even in first class, we share our compartment. The journey is long and can be difficult. We are closer to the journey of adventurers or reporters from the beginning of the last century like Albert Londres.

The advantage of going as far as Vladivostok is to be able to branch off towards China, towards Beijing (remember to visit the Beijing Olympics facilities there!) In order to retrieve the Shangri-La Express which allows you to take the famous route of silk and return to Moscow under less rudimentary conditions. Please note, it takes more than 15 days for this trip. But, this is one of the charms of the train ... we take our time.

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