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Night barter lands on the Internet

Exchange nights to travel cheaper

Imagined by the startup Cosmopolit Home, Nighstwapping is a whole new concept of homestay accommodation. Halfway between couchsurfing and home exchange, it allows travelers from all over the world to stay with a private individual for free for one or more nights.
Here, no question of financial compensation. The exchange is made through a night credit system. The concept is quite simple: “You host members to earn nights and you use those nights to stay for free. »At Cosmopolit Home, members therefore all have the double hats of traveler / host!

More authentic trips

With more than 6000 accommodation listings (entire accommodation and guest rooms), the site promotes more authentic and convivial stays.
“Spending your vacation in a private individual's house or apartment also means taking advantage of your entire local network. You can communicate with him upstream, ask him for his tips, and thus better prepare your stay, ”explains Pascale Lagahe, community manager of the site.

Tourism and collaborative consumption

Accessible to everyone, to tenants and owners, the site is now translated into 5 languages. You can find accommodation listings in Nice, Sydney, London or even Barcelona.
Enough to start preparing for your next Christmas vacation near you or on the other side of the world!

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