Transportation and travel Vancouver

Transportation and travel Vancouver


The car is absolutely to be avoided in the center, where parking is expensive (minimum $ 3 / h) and generally limited to ranges of 2 to 4 hours, or even shorter. In addition, the pound is incredibly efficient (the local pounds are called Busters Towing and Drake Towing).

So in Downtown, better favor walking, cycling or public transport, which also provide good service to outlying districts.


 This company operates almost all of Metro Vancouver's public transportation: metro and city buses, SkyTrain and Seabus. To best combine the timetables of these different modes of transport, use the website's Trip Planning.

Mê $ 5,75 depending on the number of zones crossed and holidays, the basic rate (zone 1) is applied wherever you go.
Also an interesting day pass (Day Pass): around $ 10,50; reduc.



Buy your ticket at a machine, otherwise you will have to have the extra to pay on board, the change is not given. Booklets detailing the lines and schedules available at the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Center. Also a night bus service until 3 am.


This ferry connects Downtown to North Vancouver (Lonsdale Quay), crossing the Burrard Inlet. Downtown side, access by a long footbridge from the SkyTrain station.

Every 15:1 a.m. Monday-Saturday, 22:8 a.m.-16: 23 p.m. Sunday and public holidays. Journey in 16 minutes. 12-zone ticket. Very beautiful view of the city.


MéBroadway Station).

- Expo Line: Monday-Saturday 5:32 a.m. (6:48 a.m. Saturday) -1:16 a.m., Sunday 7:48 a.m.-0:16 a.m. Every 2-5 minutes. Dessert Chinatown, train station, bus station and Commercial Dr. This is the metro that you will take for a night out if you stay in Downtown.

- Canada Line: daily 4:48 am-1:05 am. Every 6 minutes during rush hour, otherwise every 12 minutes, or even every 20 minutes in the evening. Airport service. Be sure to check the terminus before getting on the train, because this line splits at Bridgeport Station (3 stations before arriving at the airport), and some trains go to Richmond.

- Millenium Line: Monday-Saturday 5am (30am Saturday) -6am, Sunday 30am-1am. Every 22-7 minutes. Loop east of Downtown. Serves the eastern neighborhoods of Vancouver, including Commercial Dr.

False Creek Ferry and Aquabus

- False Creek Ferry $ 5,50. Day pass $ 15; reduc.

Quite croquignolets miniferries connecting the West End (Aquatic Center, at the end of Thurlow St) at 22:30 p.m., and the Maritime Museum (Kitsilano Beach and Vanier Park) at 20 p.m. ÉScience World, via David Lam Park, Stamp & rsquo21: 55pm.

- Aquabus : Hornby St. Science World, via Granville Island and Yaletown. Daily roughly 7 am-21:30pm, every 5-15 $ 6,50, daily rate $ 16. Boats a little larger than the competitor's, which allows you to take your bike on board (charged $ 0,50 per crossing). Provides a very detailed map of Granville Island.

Bicycle Rental

Even though the rental rates are a bit high, the bike is really the best way to visit Vancouver. The city is crisscrossed right through by cycle paths, most of which have been developed on their own. Obviously, the weather is better ... The number of cyclists, residents or tourists, is downright impressive. On top of that, all buses take bikes (2nd place, on the front).

Vancouver has service: Mobi. Even more, count $ 6 for every additional 30 minutes. Practical especially for the jumps of chip, otherwise it numbers quickly.

- classic rental companies gather at 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. or $ 90 for 24 hours.
The lock is sometimes extra (less than $ 2). 5% tax extra. Reduc students.

Do not hesitate to compare, they are all next to each other ... Arrive early to have choice and still affordable prices.

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