Transportation and travel National parks of the American West

Transportation and travel National parks of the American West

The car

What a joy to drive in the United States! Obviously, we ignore the big cities and their surroundings where heading into the heart of the traffic is sometimes a nightmare.

THEgasoline remains much cheaper than with us, and there is almost no tolls... apart from a few major bridges and tunnels crossings.

Rules of conduct

- Traffic lights : they are located Prioritéci has no lights or signs, which is quite rare Turn to Turn to Don't Leave Your Re Stops: if there are more than one stop, the first stop, which is a crossroads with a stop for each of the 1 streets, is trèUnis. If there is a car to play!
- Parking in the city, parking space School buses at Respect due to pedestrians: you will often see the sign or the inscription on the ground "Xing". It is the abbreviation of crossing. Here, respect for protected passages is not an empty word, and the pedestrian has really priority.

Car rental

- Good to Difficult, or even impossible to rent a car if you have Less than 21 years, and me Mandatory international payment card for the deposit.
- National permit sufficient. International license is not required off:
you can return the véway rental), but you will then have to pay a drop-off charge (same charge.

The rental of a motorhome (RV or motor home)

Comparécars, American RVs are mostly huge!

Cost $ 800 per week (for an RV that can accommodate 4-5 people), plus $ 50 per kilometer on average, with hook-up, water and electricity connections you will need for air conditioning and heating. Even in the daytime it is forbidden to park anywhere.

A classic permit is sufficient.

The bus

The retotality of the country. But it's not just him! Other companies offer very competitive offers, like Megabus.

Greyhound tickets can be purchased at bus stations, over the Internet and over the phone. Those bought well in advance are cheaper. There is also a big difference in prices between “economy” tickets (non-refundable) and “flexible” tickets (modifiable without charge and refundable). You can also opt for an “economy extra” ticket, with priority boarding (useful because there are no numbered seats on the tickets). Anyway, it is better to show up a minimum of time before departure.

- stops en route are not mentioned on the tickets. The latter will leave at the announced time, without qualms for those who did not get back on the bus!

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