Transportation and travel Boston

Transportation and travel Boston

The Metro

We call 0:30 (1 hour Saturday-Sunday).

Difféville. On sale in all metro stations (terminals with cash payment or payment card) and even at the airport.
Finally, children under 11 travel for free if they are accompanied by an adult.

The basic principle for traveling in the metro: when an oar goes inboundis that it is heading towards the center; if it's outbound, it rolls towards the surroundings, towards the outside.

The bus

Quite difficult if you don't know the number, the destination and especially the stop. As the stations hardly contain any information, only the color differentiates the line.
Le Charlie Ticket about $ 2 for a ride directly on the bus (more for night buses and express); $ 1,70 with the CharlieCard. To obtain timetables and numbers, go to Haymarket, North Station, South Station, Park St, Back Bay or Porter Square underground stations and ask for timetables; also available on their website.

The bike

Lots of Boston service, interesting - as in large European cities - for short trips.

For real walks, it is better to rent it at Saturday 10 am-19pm, Sunday 12 pm-18pm. City bike around $ 35 for 24 hours.
Also bicycle rentals and guided tours at Urban Adventours : 109 Atlantic Ave. Metro: Aquarium.

The boat

  • Company 22 p.m. (20 p.m. Sun) Saturday and 22 p.m. Sunday. Course (One Way): $ 15 (3-11 years $ 3).

The Water Taxi operates on demand; no fixed hours, you have to phone or press the button at the boat stop and wait - never more than 20 minutes). About twenty stops on the waterfront to North Station, Logan Airport, Seaport District, Charlestown ...
Really because nice and out of traffic jams! Also sheltered from bad weather, as the boats are covered and heated if necessary.

The car

Àville even $ 50 for 24 hours in the city center!).

As to parking street with parking above the others, which further complicates the task.

Also beware of “Street Cleaning”, “Only Residents” (residential parking) and “Tow Zone” (collection area!).

Traffic cops are ruthless about tickets.

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