Transport Israel, Palestine

Transport Israel, Palestine


Along with the wall and settlements, military checkpoints are another permanent consepoint and 25 “East, Israel and West Bank” checkpoints.

It is currently impossible for tourists to travel to Gaza, a "security terminal" by restricting access. We will therefore only speak here of the situation in the West Bank.

Passage of checkpoints

Passing a checkpoint may appear to be Eastern, Israel and West Bank points.

Transport in Israel

The bus

There are barely a dozen bus companies. The main company Egged serves the whole country with a dense network and not too expensive. Buses do not operate on Shabbat. They resume their service on Saturday around 17 p.m.

  • Info on all the different companies:

The train

Cheaper than the bus, but little deviation from Aviv and Beer Sheva. A line connects Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Be careful, like buses, trains do not run on Shabbat.

  • Information and reservations on


These are minibuses of ten people that leave when the vehicle is full. Unlike buses, they run 24 hours a day, including on Shabbat. Barely more expensive than the bus (prices increased on Shabbat).

The plane

  • Arkia Airlines
  • IsrAir

The car

Car rental

- Some companies impose a yout long before. The national driving license is sufficient.

- Up to 23 years old, you are considered a young driver and you must then take out specific insurance which can be expensive.

- it to the rental company when you return the car. He will charge you the toll when you collect the keys, otherwise the fine is guaranteed.

- even, and so that ALL the impacts are reported on the contract, including those that the employee has omitted to point out ...

- Attention: most of the big companies do not have or of Ramallah by making them well specify that they have the double insurance before signing the contract. Likewise, renting a car in the West Bank does not always allow driving in Israel.

Driving around

- The re The service, you will notice, most of the time, 2 prices for the same service The driving is quite sporty. The horns sound at Downtown, the parking is Géend (Friday afternoon and Saturday). The classic parking meters cè Prohibited and authorized locations Attention, the rate of field-field (they take the payment card).
- In winter (from November to March), dipped beam headlights are theoretically compulsory, even during the day.


Taxis operate (normally) with a meter. There is a day rate (from 5:30 a.m. to 20:59 p.m.), and a night rate (from 21 p.m. to 5:29 a.m.) also valid during Shabbat (prices are increased by approximately 30%). During a race, the driver must put the counter. In big cities, at rush hour, because of traffic jams, it is better to negotiate a package, just to avoid paying too large a sum, provided, of course, that you already have an idea of ​​the usual price.

Transport in Palestine

It doesn & rsquopoints) and remain conditioned by the means of transport used.

Collective transport

The buses

The timetables are not published, but you will be informed at the bus stations. Buses connect the major cities to each other at a fixed time, some even reach Jerusalem. But in general, the connections and frequencies are fewer than the taxis services. It is the cheapest solution. Between Jerusalem and Ramallah, count about 10 Shk.

Collective taxis or services

These are in fact 7-seater minibuses, identifiable by their yellow-orange color. They leave once full, but it is always possible to pay the part of the missing person so that the driver agrees to leave faster. Fixed prices, a little more expensive than the bus (around 20 Shk between Ramallah and Nablus). They connect the big cities but also the small villages. Please note that there may be several bus stations or simple stops depending on the destination.

Individual transport

Private taxis or specials

Lemon yellow and for you all alone. The meter is rarely switched on in town (but the price does not in principle exceed 25 Shk). Price to be negotiated seriously before departure, especially if it is to connect to another city. The best is to find out beforehand about the price of the race to have a basis for negotiation.

The car

- To rent a car in the West Bank, you need at least 2 questions: with or without a driver? To circulate where?

- In the West Bank, most signboards on the main roads managed by Israel are written in Latin, but they only indicate tourist sites (brown signs) or settlements. Palestinian villages are rarely mentioned.

Distances between the main cities in kilometers

It is therefore necessary either to have an excellent sense of orientation, or to know the location of the implantations to be able to navigate, or to graft a GPS in the brain. There is no system adapted to the Palestinian territories, which would also be very complicated to update with roads dedicated only to Israelis, others only to Palestinians and obstacles which are constantly changing.
Ask for directions regularly, because on the secondary (Palestinian) network, the number of panels is very insufficient. Always inquire before reaching a point on the best route to follow.

For all these reasons, renting a car alone requires some skill, but is much cheaper than a car with a driver, which, it is true, will make your life much easier. To give you an idea, it is necessary to count from 120 Shk per day for a car without driver; 500 Shk with.

- Gasoline cost about 6,50 Shk per liter of SP 95.

- Comes next the question of double insurance which allows you to circulate before signing the contract. But there are some very serious companies that offer this service. Likewise in the West Bank, if you rent a car with a green license plate, you will not be able to go to Israel, again you must rent from an agency which has double insurance and will provide you with a car with a yellow license plate.

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