Transport and travel Turkey

Transport and travel Turkey


The bus is a widely used means of transport in Turkey. So, for long distance journeys, it is better to book your ticket as soon as possible. The service is provided throughout the country by private companies and is relatively economical.

Some buses stop when waved, if there is room. For long distances, they often drive at night.

Stops on long journeys are frequent. No need to take food.

For short journeys, we take dolmuş (minibuses).

Bus stations

In large cities, the city bus stations (where there is an agency of the company) in both directions.

The otogar are open all night. There is usually something to refuel there.

Which company to take?

Comfort varies from company to company. Seriousness too.
In general, it is better to trust the company from the region where you are. For example, for the west coast, south of İzmir, the Pamukkale or Özkaymak companies; for Cappadocia, the companies Süha and Nevşehirliler.

In Adana, very serious, the Kâmil Koç company.

Beware of touts who promise you that such a line is direct when you have to change. Do not hesitate to verify the information.


The railway network is fairly undeveloped. It is even non-existent for the Mediterranean tourist coast. Inexpensive too. It is however being modernized little by little with the construction of TGV lines.
WARNINGS, there is no train leaving from central Istanbul (Haydarpaşa station). Due to the construction of a high-speed line, departures for Anatolia are from Pendik for some time to come (about 50 km east of Istanbul). See “Leaving Istanbul. By train ”in the Istanbul section.

Here are some tips despite looking for the bilgisayar gişeleri to buy the ticket; in high season, it is better to book your tickets in advance;

- possibility of booking tickets on the website of the Turkish State Railways rail network.

Dolmuş (pronounced "dolmouche")

The dolmuş, collective minibuses, serve the intramural towns but also their surroundings, and connect them even 19 p.m.


In town, take a taxi with a taximeter (taksimetre) and check that the meter is correctly set. Same price day and night.


This is a common solution among Turks, especially between towns poorly served by dolmuş. Correction recommendation: for a couple, it is better for the boy to be in front. For the avoidance of doubt, if asked, say that you are married. Girls alone or in a group, you must abstain.

Sometimes the driver asks for a financial contribution equivalent to the price of the dolmus.


Interesting on some domestic lines, if we take into account the time taken by the buses to cover the same distance. Especially since thanks to the appearance of small companies like Onur Air, Atlas Jet, Sun Express or Pegasus, prices have been falling for some time.

Car rental

It is the best solution to visit the country but not the cheapest. Many French tour operators offer plane + car packages.

- Pay close attention to insurance contracts. They usually cover the car but rarely cover the drivers, or at least only to a limited extent. As a result, optional insurance is often offered in addition. Check that you are not already covered elsewhere (by your payment card, for example) or take out repatriation insurance before your departure.

- Prices, de150 TL per day for an average car.

- A GPS can be useful in large cities undergoing change.

- Large companies allow the vehicle to be returned to a city different from the one where it was picked up (drop off) but the supplement is generally significant.

- IMPORTANT: to be able to take the highways, ask your rental company if the car has a card HGS card, useful for paying tolls. Some large companies provide a credit card for a small amount that they ask you to pay in addition to the vehicle rental bill. Other companies equip their vehicles with an OGS, an electronic toll system which allows automatic passage at the counters; you then pay the amount used when you return the car.

- Rental contracts do not authorize travel to a neighboring country. It is therefore impossible to take the ferry with a rental vehicle to reach a Greek island.


The network is correct and generally well maintained. Which doesn't mean that the roads are safe! It is advisable to be very careful, especially at night.

Most of the highways are chargeable (not very expensive (count around 8 TL). The first time, you have to credit it with a minimum amount of 50 TL. Then, you top up the amount you want.
Warning: if you forget to buy this card, you will have to pay a fine fine when you leave the country, or with your rental company. That said, most rental cars have a badge that automatically opens the gate. You will pay the amount directly to the lessor at the end of the rental.


The rules of the road are international, and the wearing of the seat belt compulsory in the front as in the back (fine in the event of violation).

One of the big difficulties is the entry of big cities. There is really a mess. In short, caution!

A few tips :
- Watch out for the trucks in front of you at the points, priority is left The speed is limited to 50 km / h in built-up areas, to 90 km / h on the road and 100 km / h on the motorway. The police are equipped with speed cameras and carry out numerous checks.


It is cheaper than in Europe.

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