Transport and travel Oman

Transport and travel Oman


Sib International Airport (Seeb) is located near the capital. All the main car rental companies are represented there. Also rental offices in towns.

To connect Muscat to Salalah (in the south of the country), the best means of transport remains the plane with the national company Oman Air (1 h 20 of flight), only to operate internal flights.

Road Cycling

The distances between the main cities and the places of tourist interest are considerable.


To reach the most remote places, but also hotels, markets or restaurants within the same city, we will rent a car. Count from 25 € per day for a category A car rental. Prefer comprehensive insurance. National driving licenses are accepted, at least by international car rental companies.

Sidewalks are rare, so we always take the car, even for very short trips.

Driving is on the right and the condition of the network (roads and tracks) is satisfactory.

Roads are in good condition between major cities, including Salalah. Road signs are written in the Arabic and Latin alphabets. The state has invested heavily in improving and expanding the road network, especially on the coast between Muscat and Sour, as well as in mountainous regions.

Warning animals that sometimes roam the roadway. Be careful also, at night, because the cattle graze freely along the roads, and serious accidents are not rare.

Authority compliance with the highway code (non-compliance with a red light, overtaking on the right while passing on the emergency lane, driving while intoxicated or without a license, etc.) can lead to heavy sanctions which may go as far as police custody, in particular when the driver is liable in the event of an accident.

Le 4x4 is essential to visit the wadis, as well as to take the tracks and the dunes in the desert. Count around 80 € per day for a 4x4 rental.

Intercity buses

There is a good network of intercity buses. New and reliable vehicles connect the main cities with good frequency and at very attractive prices. All the same, count around 12 hours of journey between Muscat and Salalah. Dubai can also be reached by bus.


We find Individual taxis (painted white with orange wings) or collective taxis at the airport and in major cities. There is hardly ever a meter, and you have to negotiate the price before departure.

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