Transport and travel Micronesia

Transport and travel Micronesia


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Honolulu is served by all major companies amé20h via Séretour.
Other options: go through Hong Kong, Manila in the Philippines, through Japan (with ANA) or through Taiwan (with China Airlines).

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United offers a special rate Visit Micronesia, which allows you to your choice of 2, 3, 4 or 5 stopovers in the islands (Yap and Palau also being included). It's not cheap, but it's still cheaper than point-to-point island-hopping rates ...

Only problem: the information is not available on the Internet, and it is not easy to confirm everything by phone with United, especially since the changes are frequent (the program is sometimes suspended)!

Another return option Pohnpei-Majuro (îTarawa (Kiribati) -Nauru-Nandi (Fiji). A unique opportunity to cross the Pacific diagonally, with possible connection to Australia. The flight to Pohnpei takes place on Friday and return on Sunday . The more you book in advance, the cheaper it is. Nauru Airlines does not have a good reputation in terms of cancellations ... 

The last possible gateway for those traveling in the Pacific: the Papuan national company Air Niugini provides connections between Port Moresby and Pohnpei / Chuuk.

Small clarification which is important: for a reason difficult to explain, a good part of thefts in the region take place in the middle of the night!

Once in the islands you to be weighed on the scale before boarding!

  • Pacific Mission Aviation
  • Caroline Islands Air


It takes time, a lot of time, and a sense of 4 rotations per year between Pohnpei and Yap, with stopovers in a multitude of islands along the way (Mortlocks archipelago, Chuuk, Namonuito, West Islands, outer islands of Yap ...), aboard the Caroline Voyager and the Micronesian Navigators. Some rotations are exclusively between Pohnpei and Chuuk.

More rarely, the boat, from Pohnpei, serves the Polynesian atoll of Nukuoro (once or twice a year), but also Kosrae, via Mokil and Pingelap (eastern run); the latter usually only takes place once a year.

Travel intervals vary widely, but there tends to be more between May and September (when students return to their island or school).

Each state (except Kosrae) also organizes its own rotations in the outer islands, which are even more irregular and unpredictable.

The trip does not have to stay several months on site ...

  • Department of Transportation, Communications & Infrastructure

Look for the sailing schedules in the right column.

Warning, access to the outer islands of Yap and Chuuk is subject to authorization after consultation with the leaders: you do not disembark without warning, especially as resources are always very limited. The tourist offices of the archipelagos can help plan such a stay, but you have to do it several months in advance and hope that the boat will be there in due time (for the time being, do not overdo it ... ).

Buses and pick-ups

Public transport is almost non-existent, apart from school buses than l & rsquomidi - which is hardly suitable for visitors.

Only other option ups that act as collective taxis. We jump in the dumpster and take the precaution of covering ourselves with cream so as not to cook in the sun!

Rental car

The distances are not very great and taxis are affordable. Renting a car is therefore not necessarily necessary, except in Pohnpei due to the size of the island.

We drive on the right, but the vehicles can, depending on whether they are of American or Japanese origin, have the steering wheel on one side or the other… The vehicles are often in poor condition. In general, cars imported from Japan, considered less practical, are cheaper.

The roads-tracks are in quite a few crowds in places (especially on the Pohnpei ring road). The speed limit is set at 50 km / h, which is quite justified by the multitude of children and animals that can cross unexpectedly. For this reason, avoid driving at night, especially as there is no public lighting outside the center.

Remember to refuel in town.

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