Transport and travel Malta

Transport and travel Malta

Here are the main modes of travel in Malta.

Most bus

- Malta Public Transport company operates buses - some with air conditioning. There is a route map (rather brief and moderately clear) available everywhere: accommodation, tourist office ... On the other hand, no brochure with timetables, which can only be found at the stops, at the bus station. of Valletta, on its website or the tallinja smartphone app, very practical.
For information, the bus is not the most reliable service on the island, be aware that the schedules are rarely respected (allow between 15 and 30 minutes margin ...), the lines can change, sometimes even the company of transport (which does not simplify things!).

- The reend.

- At the bus stop, signal the driver to stop, otherwise it will continue. But be careful, when the buses are crowded, the drivers don't bother to stop. You will therefore have to wait until the next one (plan if you intend to take the last one!) And often at stops without 1 cm2 of shade ... Another small problem, the digital display supposed to announce the stops does not always work. Try to ask the driver.

- Tickets can be bought directly on the bus to the driver. Provide change. The cards can be obtained at the various information kiosks at the bus station in Valletta, Sliema (etc.), at the airport, as well as in certain shops and bookstores. Keep the ticket with you during the journey; checks are frequent.


Malta-Gozo-Comino connections

Many island crossings with Gozo Channel Company from Ċirkewwa (on the northern tip of the island of Malta) or from Mġarr (on Gozo).

Island cruises

Sightseeing ferry trips are available from Sliema. They are offered by several agencies on site.

Walks in dghajsa or luzzu

These magnificent fishing boats named dghajsa (pronounce daïssa), a sort of Venetian gondola, and luzzu are painted in bright colors and bear the protective eyes of the Egyptian god Osiris on the bow. They are also used to transport passengers.

You will see them in the pretty port of Marsaxlokk. They can also be found on trips to the Blue Grotto (in Malta), the Gozo Inland Sea, or if you go around the Grand Harbor of Valletta.

By car

Driving is in Brittany, but the Maltese have devoted themselves!).
The main roads are well maintained, unlike the secondary network which is often in poor condition. Fortunately, the distances are short and the signage has improved ... but finding your way in Malta is still often a treasure hunt as the signs are rare, badly placed or even sometimes illegible because of the dust. Hello to leave Valletta towards Gozo. We warn, a real hassle, very few indications and a lot of traffic jams!

GPS devices (like mapping apps on cellphones and other tablets) often only recognize Maltese names of towns and streets.

If you are looking for a specific address, know that the house numbers are not distributed as in France (even on one side, odd on the opposite side). Number 1 starts on one side of the street, followed by 2, 3 ... When you get to the end of the street, you keep going through the numbers starting from the sidewalk opposite. Thus, n ° 300 may very well end up opposite n ° 1.

- The Maltese at the wheel: in fact, the Maltese drive neither on the right nor on the left, but often in the middle of the road! No one seems to have understood what a turn signal is for. And it seems traditional to slip into traffic without really marking the stops (and not always red lights either ...). Be careful, therefore ...
On the other hand, motorists stop most of the time to let pedestrians pass (but don't forget to look to the right before crossing).

- Wearing a belt is obligatory.

- Speed is limited to 80 km / h on roads and 50 km / h in built-up areas. And no untimely overruns because despite the small size of the network there is no shortage of speed cameras!

- Petrol pumps are numerous enough, but few stations accept payment cards. They are generally closed on Sundays. In this case, we pay in tickets in automatic machines before using fuel.

- Roundabouts, many : attention, they are obviously to be taken in a clockwise direction ...

- Parking at breeze).
Check the day and the authorized duration of parking, of course.
Finally there are the site boundaries in white (our favorites!), they are free and unlimited.
And although many public car parks are in principle free, you will never be accused of slipping a coin to the guard.

- In small inland towns: lots of one-way streets and very narrow streets, which make getting to the center a bit complicated.

- The stop: works quite well in Malta and Gozo.

- In the event of an accident : do not move your car before the arrival of the police (tékl.: 112), even if traffic is obstructed.

Car rental

- Requirements: to rent a car or 4x4, be at least 25 years old (21 years old in some cases, check with the rental companies) and at most 75 years old, insurance issue. Note that between 71 and 75 years old, drivers pay a supplement (around 10 € / day). The best is, here again, to ask the question directly to the lessor, who can apply different rules. The national driving license is sufficient. International credit (not debit) card necessary.

- All the major rental companies are specified on your map. And most ask that the account be funded with this amount.

Educate yourself and plan accordingly.

- local companies are over 40 € per day, but in low season, they often offer floor prices, around 20 € per day if you take the car for at least 3 days.

- You can also rent bicycles, motorcycles and scooters (quite rare and expensive though), as well as minibuses. The roads are hardly suitable for the former, however, and the latter tend to become scarce.


- White in color, taxis' you agree in advance on the price of the trip to avoid surprises.

- There are also taxis that can be booked from garages (such as Wembley's Garage) or companies.
The price, at the run, is cheaper than white taxis.

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