Transport and travel Madeira

Transport and travel Madeira

The road network is fairly well maintained : expressways (via rápida) or express (espresso) around the island, and a few winding roads on the alternative routes, but nothing too bad. More anecdotal than boring, the island has more than 130 tunnels, it's not easy to enjoy the view when you walk along the coast!

The only difficulty, it will be necessary to re-examine it well and do not snub it under the pretext that it is not under your nose!
Still in Funchal, there are many private car parks which are sometimes cheaper than blue zones, often limited to 2 hours of parking


There are 4 bus companies to travel around the island. Not the fastest solution, let's be honest. Few connections every day, even for medium-sized towns. Most of the buses stop in Funchal, on Avenida do Mar.

Tickets can be purchased on board the bus or at kiosks and vending machines.

  • Horários do Funchal
  • Rodoeste
  • SAM
  • Empressa from Autocarros de Caniço


Sometimes, together, for an express visit of the island, this can be the right plan. Official taxis are easy to spot: they are bright yellow with a blue stripe. The price list is displayed inside.

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