Transport and travel Jordan

Transport and travel Jordan


Collective taxis or “here” taxis, “service” taxis have fixed and regular lines. Better to jabber a bit in Arabic to tell the driver where he is going.
Shared taxis are white, while private taxis, or specials, are yellow.
In Amman, they are equipped with a meter, which they must use. Avoid asking "how much? Instead say "meter, please!" ". Drivers sometimes add their tip spontaneously. Practice not always very pleasant. It's up to you to see if the surplus is justified and reasonable.

In Amman, again, private driver services are also starting to develop with Careem or Uber.
For excursions or to travel long distances, in particular to reach certain towns on the King's road where public transport is almost non-existent, you can have recourse to car rental or to a private taxi.
If you opt for the latter, the race is not so expensive for several and saves precious time (we avoid long hours of waiting for a minibus to fill up). 

If you doubt your ability to negotiate, ask your hotel, some offer a list of transfers at fixed rates, often interesting; however, compare the offers of several hotels, the differences can be significant, especially in Madaba or Petra.

Bus and minibus

All towns are served by buses and / or minibuses. The difference between the 2 is not just a question of places. The buses have fixed timetables (rather well respected for Jett company which connects Amman daily to Petra and Aqaba), while the minibuses are irregular because, like the “service” taxis, they do not leave until they are full. Minibuses are generally cheaper, but space is very limited and they are really inconvenient with large luggage.


Common mode of transportation in Jordan and yet officially banned. The driver may incur a higher or lower fine if he is stopped by the police. Despite the risk, there will always be a car to pick you up. But a contribution to the costs will often be claimed (except for very short journeys).


A single domestic airline connects Amman to Aqaba, twice a day. This route is especially worthwhile for its magnificent view. The price is very competitive. The ticket is even cheaper if you came from Europe on Royal Jordanian and if you thought about booking this last section at the same time as the international flight.

Car rental

We can find cars with or without driver and of all categories with local or international companies in Amman and Aqaba (book in advance).

- Without driver: the national license is sufficient. The only condition is to be over 21 years old.

Count around 25-35 JD per day for a category car 45 JD for a category B, more for a category C or D. By sharing with several, we are a winner ... and gasoline is less expensive than with us.

Whatever the company, always check the condition of the tires and the base material (jack, etc.).

Regarding small companies, 50-60 JD depending on the company). Avoid too small rental companies, who are sometimes reluctant to return the deposit.


Correct. In Arabic and English. In tourist areas, you may come across someone who speaks English and who can refer you. Outside, the locals will be happy to help you, but they rarely speak a foreign language. Tourist sites are well signposted (also in English).


We drive on the right, despite the country's British past. Speed ​​limited to 100 km / h on highways, 80 km / h on roads and 50 km / h in town. But you will see that driving in Jordan is rather sporty and the traffic laws are not well respected. However, radars have recently appeared and are even very numerous (usually in a patrol car parked on the right of the road). Stay cautious on the Desert Highway, where the (many) trucks often drive like mad ... Avoid leaving the tracks in the desert: you get lost and get stuck quickly. The seat belt is compulsory.


3 kinds, unleaded 90 and unleaded 95 and 98. To give you a lead 90 (the most frequently used) fluctuates around 0,80 JD (up to 1,20 JD for SP 98! ). Prices are fixed across the country.

All stations are also supplied with diesel (diesel). Quite frequent stations along the two main axes (Route du Roi and Route du Désert), indicated on national maps.

The rare cases of scams are carried out at gasoline pumps: change given on 10 JD when we had given 20 ... Look at the pump counter so that it is reset to zero at the start of filling and see the amount of liters poured in the end, the pump attendants (who rarely speak English) sometimes reset the counter too quickly without it being possible to check whether the amount requested corresponds to the quantity of gasoline given


Not complicated: there is a railway line in Jordan, used by freight trains. The legendary Hedjaz line, which was put back into service in 1998, linking Amman to Damascus, provided only one connection per week between the Jordanian capital and Dera'a, on the Syrian border. The war in Syria interrupted the prospect of making the line operational again.

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