Transport and travel Finland

Transport and travel Finland

The train

The bottom line is that east-west connections are less convenient and quick.
From a spacious restaurant and a children's car with games, they are not cheap, at least if one does not benefit from any offers or discounts.

- In small towns, it doesn & rsquoKioski. In large cities, buy your tickets at the ticket office marked Lippumyymälä.

- Most train tickets (for Intercity for example, which are the most common trains) are only valid for the date and train indicated on the ticket.

- During the holidays as well as on Friday and Sunday evening, it is preferable to buy your ticket in advance.

- N & rsquoc are chargeable.

Packages and discounts

People over 65 are entitled to a 20% reduction on the basic rate, children from 4 to 16 years of age at 40% but, beware, rates with advance purchase (saver ticket) are often more interesting (up to 55 %; see the price calendar online). Children up to 4 years old (6 years old for Russian lines) travel free of charge, but without an assigned seat.

- Map Eurail Finland Pass : issued by Euro Railways, based in Florida. Attention: on the site, the prices are therefore indicated in dollars!
We buy a package of 3 to 8 days of travel (consecutive or not) allowing to travel on the entire Finnish network, and valid for 1 month

The bus

The bus network is quite developed : 90% of the road network is served. The price of a single trip is comparable to that of the train. Rail passes can be a lot more interesting, but they won't necessarily get you to the same places, especially if you are planning a trip to Lapland.

- You can buy your tickets on the website (it is generally cheaper), in the bus for the route it serves (for Onnibus, payment only by credit card), or in bus stations and travel agencies.

- Some companies offer discounts cannot be combined on journeys of more than 80 km.
No reduction for InterRail card holders.

  • For packages and discounts, see Cheap Finland.

The urban bus

10-trip cards are on sale at kiosks at Kioski) or at the counters of transport authorities. The drivers sell single tickets. All must be composted.
In Greater Helsinki there is a smart card system. In Helsinki itself, the Helsinki card gives free access to buses, as well as to the tram and metro.

The car

It is neat, comfortable, practical and not too expensive.


The Finn rides very cool and shows surprising courtesy. The other side of the coin: he lacks reflexes and ignores daring.

If you are checked, your vehicle will be examined from all angles, and beware of a blown bulb or a slick tire.

Rules of the road and strict rules

Here, we do not laugh with the highway code, which includes some local particularities.

- Respect the speed limits fixvoys! In town, 40 or 50 km / h at best, sometimes 20 or 30 km / h ... The worst, it & rsquoêtre on a secondary road around 23pm!

- On the road, headlights are mandatory day and night, even in bright sunshine! If you rent a car, you will see that these lights come on automatically.

- Drink or drive? It's necessary to choose. The fines (severe!), License withdrawals and the night at the station, it is not chique. In the event of an accident, a alcohol level more than 0,5% can earn you a pair of chrome wristbands.

- The belts are compulsory at the front and rear.

- You must have your green cardas well as your triangle red warning.

- Côsense of the way. In a street around at the first opportunity. In Helsinki and in the other major cities of the country, the various paid parking zones are identified by chromatic signage.

- PV (around € 50 for illegal parking) can be paid in cash, at the local police station or in banks (in the latter case, provide a small supplement).

- If you are checked for any reason whatsoever, your vehicle will be examined from all angles.


The super sealed has disappeared, diesel is found almost everywhere. The prices are more or less the same as those charged with us. In the North, it is a bit more expensive.

Road hazards

If the main roads are in excellent condition, the secondary roads are sometimes dented or simply unpaved (beware of skids on gravel). In the North, some of these secondary axes may be temporarily impassable between November and March.

The reindeer

North of the Kuhmo-Oulu line, large signs indicate that you are in a side-by-side area, especially in the early morning and at the end of the day.

The motorhome

The speed of motorhomes is limited to 80 km / h on the entire road network except ... if there is a lower limit, of course! The Finn can stay behind your behemoth indefinitely without getting excited. So, keep right as soon as possible and to keep things clear put your turn signal on the right or wave your hand!

The stop

We can cover quite long stages by staying on the frequented routes. To go north, from Helsinki, take tram n ° 2 to the highway entrance. On the national roads, stand at the bus stops at the crossroads.

In Lapland, it is better to stay and not to get too far away. Provide a good road map, food and shelter.

The bike

With its moderately hilly reliefs, and on condition of favoring the beautiful season, Finland lends itself well to cycling ... as long as one does not fear a certain monotony of the landscapes, neither humidity, nor gales. !

For long journeys, you can take your bike on trains or buses, except those in the Helsinki region, for a small supplement of € 5 per bike.

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