Transport and travel Fiji Islands

Transport and travel Fiji Islands

Here is the challenge of a trip to Fiji: to succeed in moving between the islands, without wasting too much time and without breaking the bank in the process ...

Plane or helicopter

It is perfectly possible to land at Viti Levu and no longer take the plane. But you can also take advantage of the internal network of Fiji Link, a subsidiary of Fiji Airways, to reach Vanua Levu, Taveuni or Kadavu more easily. In all, 9 destinations are served. All flights pass through Nandi.

Also note that some very chic resorts are only served by charter boat, small plane or helicopter, or even seaplane. Several companies cover this very lucrative (and expensive!) Sector. Count between 400 F $ and up to 1 F $ for establishments on the Coral Coast, Mamanucas and Yasawas.

  • Pacific Island Air
  • Helitours Fiji


An island country, Fiji relies heavily on maritime links.

The beings!) Are those of Mamanuca and Yasawa archipelagos, floating facing the west coast of Viti Levu. Several modern boats (fast catamarans with air conditioning) allow you to get there:

The Yasawa Flyer leaves Port Denarau at 8:30 am daily for its tour and returns at the end of the day (with regular delays). It serves 3 islands of the Mamanucas (South Sea, Bounty, Beachcomber), then the whole of the Yasawa archipelago (about twenty stopovers!). Suffice to say that if you go all the way north, you have not arrived (5h journey)!

  • Awesome Adventures Fiji

Leaving emidi. The company also offers all kinds of packages with lunch. It is better, in this case, to favor an island among the closest, so as not to spend too much time on board ...

  • South Sea Cruises

In either case, it is preferable to book: the boats are often full. Also note that some rates include transfer from the airport or from most accommodations in the Nandi region.

If you are planning to do island-hoping (island-to-island flea hopping), it might be worth purchasing the Bula Pass, which allows you to change islands every day, for periods of up to 5 to 21 days. Please note, it is necessary to have a hotel or homestay reservation before to be able to disembark (but there is a specialized office on board the Yasawa Flyer to settle this detail). Otherwise, the Bula Pass also includes accommodation.

  • Bula Pass

Another option more intended for fast edges. Better to cover yourself with sunscreen, especially since the departure takes place at the end of the morning (from Wailoaloa beach)!

  • Mana Flyer Fiji

Join the other ferry-buses from Suva to Levuka.

More or less monthly boats from Goundar serve the Lau archipelago and the island of Rotuma, but they are intended only for those who have a lot of time ahead of them and who will not take offense at summary travel conditions ( and overcrowded).


In Viti Levu, you can choose between two kinds of buses: express, city-to-city, which mark designated stops, and omnibuses, which stop everywhere. The first ones take around 4h30 to connect Nandi (with possible departure from the airport) to Suva (a distance of 190 km), the second… much longer!

Several companies compete on this vital line, with expresses on average almost every hour, passing either by the south coast (Queen's Highway), or by the north coast (King's Highway, in this case from Lautoka). They have air conditioning and are quite comfortable. The local buses, very frequent, do not have any of this… Some are even windowless! Another clarification: always have small change to pay for your passage.

On some journeys, especially to reach the villages in the interior, it is not by bus that we travel, but in a covered van.

To reach a resort, if you have not hired a vehicle, you can call on various specialized companies, such as TTF, which offer private or shared shuttles from / to the airport, coordinated with the arrival of the main flights. Avoid the "private", more expensive than the taxi and, if you have booked in advance, do not let yourself be taken away by another company, which will try to (re) charge you on arrival at the hotel!

  • Tourist Transport Fiji

There is a specific bus (yellow), the West Bus, which runs between Nandi and Port Denarau every 15 minutes.

Minibuses and shared taxis

To gain speed, you can opt for collective minibuses and taxis: they connect Nandi to Suva in 3 hours, which is both good and less good (safety) ...
If the local minibuses stop for the slightest customer (handy if you are on the side of the road), on long journeys, this is not the case: they simply wait to be full to leave. In Nandi, they can be found near the park, behind the bus station.
Please note, as space is limited, luggage is generally paid for at the cost of a seat ...

As for collective taxis, these are normal taxis looking for customers to return to their home port: they therefore display a rate that is half the price, to be shared up to 4 passengers. There again, we wait for the vehicle to fill up, unless we manage to agree with the other people present to leave immediately by paying a little more.

Normal taxis are not too expensive in Fiji, with the exception of those in Port Denarau.

Rental car

The prices are not too high and Viti Levu is very extensive, car rental is a good way to explore the island. The lowest rates are generally for very small vehicles (Indian brands). The mileage is generally unlimited. Do not neglect insurance and, very important, never park under a coconut tree, at the risk of seeing your roof smashed!

Some companies allow the car to be taken on ferries to visit other islands, but generally require the payment of a (big) supplement, so it's best to just take the boat and rent from someone else when you arrive.

The speed limit is 80 km / h on the road and 50 km / h in urban areas. In Viti Levu, the main roads are in fairly good condition, which is not the case with the interior tracks; there, some are even quite stoned and require a 4x4, especially during the rainy season (see the climate and weather in Fiji).

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