Transport and travel Czech Republic

Transport and travel Czech Republic

Car driving

- The road network is quite dense. It has been improving year by year since the country joined the European Union.

- Speed is limited to 90 km / h on the road, 50 km / h in built-up areas and 110 or 130 km / h on the motorway. Attention, frequent radar checks.

- The day, compulsory switching on of dipped beam headlights.

- If you come with your own vebrise. Payable in euros (no credit card), it is sold to services and post offices.

- Side fuels, we find diesel (nafta), gasoline with or without lead and even LPG. The prices are free and a little cheaper than in France.

- It is No drinking if drivingeven beer. Tolerance: 0,0 g / l! Checks take place at the exit of certain boxes. Big fine to pay immediately.

- To park, especially in Prague, do not use the spaces parking reserved for residents, shown by blue bands on the lane or sidewalk. You could end up (at best) with a hoof, or (at worst) at the pound. Also watch out for the time limit: even in small provincial towns, you can inherit a shoe for forgetting your parking ticket or simply overtaking!

Trains and buses

To consult the timetables (and prices), there is a very well done site which groups together trains and buses: (with English and German versions).

The city and avoid traffic jams ...

Devote yourself to getting down to the correct one! Often the bus station is located nearby.

If you plan to return to an inland destination, it will be cheaper if you come back the next day.

One last info: all train stations are equipped with lockers. The prices vary from 10 to 30 Kc / baggage.

In the end, we would tend to advise you buses for short trips and the train for larger ones. We tell you as much as possible which of the 2 means of transport to favor from one city to another.

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Bicycle tourism

Great bike trips are booming in the Czech Republic. Several large cycle routes (well signposted) cross the country, in particular the n ° 4, which cuts the whole country from west to east, from the German border to Ostrava (via Prague); the n ° 9, which crosses Moravia from north to south; and No. 13, which runs along the German and Austrian borders along the old Iron Curtain.

A growing number of accommodations are providing a bike garage and / or a small repair shop. There are bike rentals here and there.

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