Transport and travel Corfu

Transport and travel Corfu

Getting around the Ionian Islands

Corfu is in a way "the gateway" to the Ionian Islands, since it can be reached either by air, by road (from Igouménitsa, on the mainland) but also by ferry from Italy.

If spending August, this is not the case out of season, where connections between the islands are irregular, or even non-existent. You then have to go back to the mainland, and prepare your trip well, because the frequency of crossings does not always allow you to make the trip in the same day.

Once there, the car is almost compulsory if you want to fully enjoy your stay. That said, overall the bus network is quite satisfactory and there is no shortage of scooters for rent.

Go to Corfu by bus

Times and frequencies are given for information only. Check carefully on site, frequent modifications.

- From / to Athè05-12-94-43).
In the Corfu-Athens direction, buy your ticket the day before (green bus station). The last bus leaving for the capital arrives in the early morning.

- For the Mémidi. Remidi of Trikala. Information and

- For Delphi: go through Trikala and continue to Delphi via Lamia (it allows you to enjoy Meteora on the way). Allow 10 hours for the journey.

Go to Corfu by ferry 

Most shipping companies have their offices at (61-36-52-00) or visit their site.

Good at 20 p.m. count 2 € per day).

- From / to Italy, the ferry often fills up in Igouménitsa. If you wish to leave Corfu, it is essential to specify it to the agency when making the reservation.

- From / to Igoumé21h (a little less in winter) with Corfu Ferries or Kerkyra Lines. Tickets can be purchased on site 20-30 minutes before the departure of 1 hour 45 minutes depending on the boat. From 19:30 p.m. (much less off season). Around 55 minutes crossing for the fastest boats.

- 61-08-04-44 and 26-61-04-98-00): end of April-September, 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), this passenger-only boat connects Corfu and Zante via Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca and Kefalonia (Sami). Return to Corfu (same stops) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

- For Saranda (Albania): you in an agency.

Getting around the island of Corfu

Most bus

- Blue buses, Corfu City Bus : They serve Corfu-city and the surrounding areas within a radius of you.

- Green buses: The west bus station of pl. San Rocco. Access 20:30 p.m.
Ask them for the brochures very 6 €. Green buses serve the whole island.

Car or scooter rental in Corfu Town

All rental companies are grouped together on odos El. Vénizélou, between the old port and the new port. Please note, the advertised price does not always include compulsory insurance. Rental offices of major companies (Avis, Hertz, Europcar ...) at airport arrivals.

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