Transport and Travel Canada

Transport and Travel Canada

Car rental

The car is the ideal means of transport to travel across Western Canada (especially for parks, some of which are not accessible by bus).
Contrary to popular belief, large car rental companies are not always the most expensive and guarantee a fleet of vehicles in excellent condition. It is often by booking from Europe that the best conditions are obtained.

To rent a car in Canada, you must be at least 21 years old (sometimes even 25). And, whatever the age, own a Visa or MasterCard payment card, which serves as a guarantee for rental companies.

Please note, some rental agencies refuse "debit cards" (immediate debit) and only accept "credit cards" (deferred debit). However, most of our payment cards (even Gold type) are often so-called “debit” cards.
So, before leaving, check with the rental company and also with your bank to find out what type of card you have. Because even if you have prepaid your vehicle, you may be refused to collect it if you do not have the correct payment card.

- The French driving license from your rental company well before departure and apply for an international license if necessary. Please note, the international license is only a translation of your classic license and does not replace the original in any way.

- The drop-off or abandonment fees (return of the car elsewhere than at the point of departure) can be very high (sometimes $ 500!) and vary considerably from one agency to another.

The rental of motorhomes (motor homes or RV)

Reunite him. Many formulas (one way or loop circuit, unlimited mileage or not). Ideal for living to the rhythm of nature.

Driving in Canada

- above the limit, 19 at the most.

- highways are British where thaw is less pronounced than elsewhere. They are free, with the exception of a few sections.

- Fthem tricolor: located on the other side of the intersection, so be careful not to stop in the middle of the crossroads! In Western Canada, it is possible to “legally run out” a red light when turning right - unless a sign explicitly forbids you to do so, such as “No turn on red” –... there are no other cars at the intersection.

- Stops: if there are several at the same intersection, the first to stop is the first to start again. In the case of 1 ways stop, crossroads with a stop sign at every street corner, remember the order of arrival ...

- When a yellow school bus stops to get students down or up, turn signals come on and a small “STOP” sign is displayed on the driver's door. All cars must stop (those following and / or those coming from opposite), until the indicators go out (even if there are no children ...) , otherwise, the fine is particularly steep! It is one of the worst violations of the Canadian highway code.

- The over rate of 0,8 g / l, considered by Canadian law! If you decide to drink a little, get back by taxi or bus.

- Most car parks are paid and expensive, especially in big cities. If you park in the street, pay attention to the signs indicating the hours during which parking is authorized. It is sometimes mandatory to remove your car between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and between 16 p.m. and 18 p.m., especially in large cities. The impoundments are super fast.

The train (Via Rail)

Trains in English-speaking Canada reWinnipeg-Saskatoon-Edmonton-Jasper-Vancouver. From Jasper, a line also joins Prince George and Prince Rupert, in northern British Columbia. They are rather slow and, suddenly, many people take the train to "travel differently" rather than to move quickly from one place to another.

- For train aficionados, the Canrailpass-Network allows you to fly 7 to 10 one-way trips anywhere in Canada over a 60-day period in economy class. Cost: approximately $ 770 to $ 1; reduc. Possible extensions (000 trips $ 10; unlimited $ 900; reduction).

- For very wealthy backpackers: a trip to the West aboard the Rocky Mountaineer. This train connects, among others, Vancouver to the national parks of Jasper or Banff, with possible continuation on Calgary (Alberta) in the 2d case.

  • Official Canadian Trains website:
  • Information and reservations from France:

The bus

Often more practical - and faster - than the train, it makes it possible to cover very long distances in one go.

What to reach the trailheads ... On the other hand, for the lonely backpacker, it's relaxed and we meet lots of great people.

There are many private companies, but check with the tourist offices for all possible connections.

The plane

Air Canada regularly offers special offers on the Internet. Do not neglect the prices of WestJet, a low-cost company serving some XNUMX cities in the country.


Hitchhiking in English. British tea, the practice is not well received in North America. Better to opt for carpooling.

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