Transport and travel Bosnia and Herzegovina

Transport and travel Bosnia and Herzegovina


Those who arrive by plane do not forget BH Airlines (bought by Turkish Airlines at the end of 2008) which serves Tuzla and Banja Luka several times a week. No direct flight from Paris, Brussels or Geneva. On the other hand, BH connects Zurich twice a week; otherwise, you come via Munich, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb or Belgrade.

To reach the city center, it takes 20 KM depending on where you are going and the amount of your luggage. Rates are 30% higher at night (22 p.m. to 5 a.m.), Sundays and public holidays. If you find it too expensive, you can get dropped off at the nearest tram or bus, at the entrance to Ilidza.

Three other Bosnian airports offer some limited international connections: Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla. However, internal connections are not provided.


The frequent connections between the main Bosnian destinations and with the capitals of neighboring countries make the bus the most convenient means of transport. For example, there is, on average, one departure per hour from Sarajevo to Mostar (15 KM) with Centrotrans, the main Bosnian company, which operates in partnership with Eurolines. No national connection costs more than 30 KM. Please note, we generally pay 1 to 2 KM more per baggage (directly to the driver).

Returning Paris with Eurolines costs a minimum of 146 €. Rather cheap, but sometimes almost as expensive as the most affordable air connections ...

Sarajevo has two bus stations and serves mainly the cities above, most villages in the country are served, generally in buses of a decent comfort.

The journeys are always quite long, because the turns and the stops are linked ...


- rentals are not too expensive. Some will choose to come with their own vehicle from Western Europe: a journey that is already mouth-watering. The borders go smoothly, especially when arriving from Croatia (ultra fast control, or even no control).

For those who come with their own vehicle, the international green card is compulsory to enter the country. It is also mandatory to have a triangle, a first aid kit ... and even spare bulbs. The international permit is not compulsory but it is recommended.

In town, you can use the guarded parking lots if you have all your luggage in the trunk, but no paranoid: Bosnia is a fairly safe country from this point of view.

- speed limits are 40 km / h in the city, 80 km / h on the roads, and 100 you receive a receipt, and you will have to pay within 8 days, at the post office or at the bank. That said, the multiplicity of serpentina (hairpins) will not push you to speed too much ...

On small mountain roads (almost everywhere), therefore, do not count 50 km / h. In the north of the country, in the plain, we reach 60 km / h. Sometimes it's even slower.

Potholes, lack of signage, mountain roads ... driving in Bosnia-Herzémouton while overtaking even when it seems impossible ...

Due to the risk of mines, still present in 4% of the territory, it is imperative not to stray from paved roads and marked trails.

If you plan to walk around the Serbian Republic of Bosnia quite a bit, it might be very useful to learn how to decipher Cyrillic, as most of the signs on the back roads are not translated into Latin characters.


The railroad is not the most efficient way to travel in Bosnia ... On the one hand the connections are very limited, on the other hand, the rotations are infrequent. To top it off, the journeys are long. From Belgrade to Sarajevo, for example, it takes at least 10h30 of travel and a change for 320 km! However, there is a positive side: the prices are low.

Two daily trains connect Sarajevo to Mostar: the route, through the Neretva gorges, is superb. There is also a daily connection between Sarajevo and Banja Luka, 27 km away. The train then continues to Zagreb (almost 9h journey), gateway to the rest of Europe. It will cost you 60 KM.

Train timetables throughout Europe:

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