Transport and travel Andorra

Transport and travel Andorra

The car

Remember that even in the Andorran years, beautiful paved roads right into the corners of the principality, there are numerous ring roads and time-saving tunnels - such as that of Envalira, pierced just after the French border towards Andorra la Vella.

The only problem at the French border and around the capital ...

Another concern: the car park. Apart from the smallest villages, there is a charge everywhere & ndasht is generally 30 minutes free after arrival ...

In winter, don't forget your chains, imperative not to get stuck in the event of sudden snowfall.

The bus

Public transport is very well developed, both to neighboring countries and within the principality - where not only the 7 lines of the Cooperativa Interurbana Andorrana (+ 3 night bus lines), but also the Hispano Andorrana buses, some municipal lines and the skibus free in winter.

The prices are very 6,35 & euro42,60), magnetic support in addition (3 €).

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