Traditions and customs United States

Traditions and customs United States

Religions and beliefs

Americans continue to accord religion an essential role in the social and political life of their country. Since the presidential oath school on the Bible, religion has interfered in all aspects of civil life, such as major social issues such as abortion or homosexuality (although in June 2015 the Supreme Court ruled allowed homosexual marriage throughout the country).
Radio, television and especially the Internet have become the major components of the religious tool. The explosion of visibility allows sects, even minor ones, to flourish. The population is in direct and permanent contact with religious content.
A large majority of Americans are affiliated with a parish, and the choice of residence is most often subject to the location of a place of worship. The smallest village has a whole gaggle of churches, competing with each other with advertising slogans.

Le phenomenon of "megachurches" is a convincing example of the instrumentalization of religion in the service of liberal ideals. These conceptual establishments of "all religious" go well beyond the framework of a simple place of worship. There are daycares, libraries, performance halls and even sports fields. Everything has been designed for the intellectual comfort of the believer, which encourages families to come and spend their free time there.

Religions in the United States in numbers

The United States therefore form a real patchwork of religions. Of the 80% of Americans who declare themselves to be believers, there are about 46% Protestants, 21% Catholics, 2% Jews, 1,6% Mormons, 1% Muslims and 0,7% Hindus and of Buddhists.
But this distribution is not constant. Each year, many Hispanics, originally Catholics, leave their religion to embrace a Evangelical church, like Pentecostalism. These churches have experienced significant growth since the 1970s.


In addition to national events (July 4th in the lead), in the major cities of the American West, each community has its parade. Americans love it, so whenever the opportunity arises, we parade with great fanfare.
For the exact dates, see the Visitor Center for each city.

  • See the agenda of the United States.

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