Traditions and customs United Arab Emirates

Traditions and customs United Arab Emirates


Dress code

Abu Dhabi is generally more conservative on the issue than Dubaï, where more foreigners parade.

The men wear a long, loose-fitting white cotton garment with long sleeves, which falls to the ankle (the lower it falls, the higher the social status!), Known as dishdasha or kandoura (gandourah). On the head, the ghutra (keffiyeh) is held by a woolen headband (agal). The women mainly wear the black abaya which covers them from head to ankle, face excepted.

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On the other hand, avoid disguising yourself as a dishdasha: the Emirati people do not appreciate it ...


The best way to greet a man is to shake his hand upwards. Between men and women, we do not shake hands. The right hand should be used when giving or giving something to you.

Unmarried couples in hotels

An unmarried man and woman are theoretically not allowed to share a hotel room. Presenting two passports with different names at the reception is usually not a problem, but it is better to talk about your "husband" or your "wife" rather than your "partner" or "fiancé (e)" ...


As you suspected, we can confirm them to you: never take a picture of UAE people without asking for their consent - and avoid doing it for women altogether. Sometimes people get angry when they think they appear in a beast photo of the amusement park or shopping center you were taking. Also divert your lens from members of local authorities, military installations and official buildings.

Sensitive subjects

It is imperative to do not criticize Islam, on which rests the entire backbone of society, the emir and all the local authorities, as well as Palestine. Most of these topics can get you arrested and jailed. If the religious subject is approached, it is better to declare oneself a Christian than an atheist or an agnostic.

Behavior in public

It is legally forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol in public spaces. The same goes for "festive" behavior: forbidden to dance in the street for example, to kiss or flirt ... You could be charged with indecency and provocation (1 month in prison at the key).

Married couples love you to a person of your gender!

During ramadan, refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in public in Muslim days can be. Most nightclubs close for the entire month.


Is it culture or just an ersatz? You will not be able to miss them: successive points are adorned with funny sculptures evoking the local culture: symbols of power (eagle, chariot, cannon), marine symbols (dhow, fish), symbols of everyday life (jars, coffee maker) ...

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