Traditions and customs Sicily

Traditions and customs Sicily


- L & rsquo5 € per person).

- Italians have l & rsquocroissant (caffè con cornetto) on the zinc instead of a hearty breakfast.

In some cafes, you first pay at the checkout and present the receipt to order at the counter.

- Don't forget the small 10 cts coin when you advance your ticket on the counter for an espresso: otherwise the wait may be long!

- You will pass for a tourist if you order a cappuccino after 11am!

- La mineral water bottle is usually brought to the table, resulting in a supplement of 2 to 4 €.

- La pasta is an integral part of the meal, which is eaten "first" before the main course (if we have a little room left!).

- In works without forcing the hand.

- In all hotels, a alarm cord - indicated by a discreet sign - hangs along the wall of the shower or bathtub. A security device imposed by law, in case of discomfort: a pull triggers a ringing at the reception. But given the number of customers who think it's the ventilation cord or even a clothesline ... it is rather rare that someone bother to move.

- The nap (il pisolino) has been part of Italian traditions since Antiquity (particularly in the south of the country). In summer especially, everything falls asleep after lunch. Shops are closing, traffic slows down and 6th hour workers (siesta comes from sexta hora) are the exception. The wisest thing, after all, would be for the visitor to follow this reputedly restorative rhythm for the mind and body.

- The passeggiata (the promenade). One of the most evocative images is undoubtedly this custom from the South. The passeggiata is the little tour that Italians take arm in arm at the end of the day, just before sunset. Always well dressed, if not frankly dressed to the nines (clothing plays a big role in Italian customs), this is an opportunity to show yourself - slowly - and thereby show the other , the one we chose! It is also the time of day when the line in front of the glaciers lengthens visibly.

The puppet theater (Pupi)

The theater of giant string puppets or teatro dei pupi was born in Italy and Sicily in the 1950th century, then developed in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries to become a popular spectacle that was largely maintained on the island until XNUMXs.

The show, with a few variations, is based on the history of knights and songs of gesture ; especially that of Roland (Orlando) with Charlemagne (Carlo Magno) and the horrible Saracens represented by Ferraù; to spice up the plot, a little betrayal with Gano, known as Magonza (Ganelon) and a little chivalrous salt: Renaud, the commoner (Rinaldo), in love with the same woman as his friend Roland, Angélique (Angelica). Love and hatred against a backdrop of war against the infidels. A relative of Rāmāyana, the epic of Hindu mythology presented as a puppet show in much of Asia, but in a western version.

The most extraordinary remains the size and harness of these wooden dolls. They measure between 80 cm and 1,20 m, and are dressed in clothes in shimmering colors and damascened weapons. We can still see some shows in different towns of Sicily, including Acireale, Syracuse and Palermo.

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