Traditions and customs Mexico

Traditions and customs Mexico

There are many popular traditions still very much alive in Mexico.


Black fitted pants are generally carried from father to son and on the occasion of festive, religious and civil events.

As a fundamental element of Mexican culture, mariachi music has been recognized by Unesco as Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2011.


It is a musical group composed mainly of one or more marimbas, a kind of large wooden xylophone that originates in Guatemala and Chiapas. We also meet them in Veracruz.


They take place all over the country (Puebla, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí) and generally mark the full season of a fruit (pineapple, grape, etc.). They give rise to beauty contests, bullfights, horse races, cock fights. Torrid popular atmosphere guaranteed.


Even before knocking.
The Spanish missionaries introduced the piñatas to convert the Aztecs who quickly adopted them, the latter already having a fairly similar game. All that was left was to give a religious meaning to this playful custom.


Family hevous where everyone meets. Barbarian rite or sublime art? Everyone will have their own idea.

Cock fights

Yet another cruel spectacle that these peleas de gallos, quite common in the countryside. They take place in special arenas (palenque)… The bets are rising at full speed, the feathers fly, the owners shout their encouragement… Read Juan Rulfo's superb short story, Le Coq d'or.

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