Traditions and customs Ireland

Traditions and customs Ireland

The Irish Pub

The pub is probably one of Ireland's best-known institutions. It irresistibly evokes warm atmospheres where conviviality mingles with malty smells ...

Here, we collect our consumption at the counter, difficult to reach during rush hour and we pay as soon as we serve.

Don't get impatient the first time you order Guinness, since it can be taken in 1 batches, quietly. We pay as soon as we serve.

At noon, and sometimes in the evening too, the pubs offer you a plentiful and varied meal: soups, sandwiches or the pub grub, a hearty dish at a reasonable price.

Unless you are particularly antisocial, you will not often be alone for more than 10 minutes in front of your pint.
Important! If you are invited by the Irish, you don't pay for the 1st round, and above all, you don't insist ... It is customary to drink as often as the Irishman who is with you. 

In October 2018, faced with the Guinness problem ...) was reinforced and controls multiplied.
The result: on a night out, you'll see more and more Irish people enjoying non-alcoholic drinks. They stick to their license, which would otherwise be withdrawn immediately for 3 months! A revolution in itself in Irish society, especially in the countryside where the car is essential to reach the nearest pub.

A great tip: whether you are coming on foot or being driven, if you are not used to beer or if you usually consume it at a moderate level, start with half pints (or glasses in Éire) . For the thirsty, know that a pint is cheaper than 2 half pints.


Irish mythology holds a prominent place in European myths. It is the oldest written in the language of the people. The oldest texts date from the XNUMXth century AD.
The founding poem of Irish mythology is the Táin Bó Cuailnge, in French The Vol de Cattle of Cooley. We find there, in the form of the warriors of the Red Branch, the equivalent of the Knights of the Round Table.

At the time of long evenings by the fireside around a storyteller during the long winter evenings, the narration of the Táin, embellished with a few additional stories, took a whole week! The central story is a war between the kingdoms of Ulster and Connaught.

Among the additional accounts is one of the most beautiful love stories in European literature, one of Three Sorrowful Tales of Ireland, that of Deirdre ("grief" in Gaelic). Full of twists and turns, it interweaves love, prophecies, dreams, rivalries, intrigues and fights.

Zoom on "the little people" of Ireland

If your brush is a victim of the sky indicators of cauldrons of gold.
In short, better to have it in your pocket! To appease this incorrigible gourmand, nothing like a portion of fruit pie, a portion of mutton stew or a toast of grilled cheese.

Religions and beliefs

We won't teach you that Ireland is a country with a strong religious tradition. You will have the opportunity to realize it: statues of the Virgin Mary at St. Patrick's Day (Donegal) can receive up to 2 penitents for 500 nights of prayers and mortification. Not to mention the local Lourdes, the Sanctuary of Knock in Mayo where an apparition took place in 3.

To understand such fervor, you have to take a step back. Christianity imposed itself gently and did not relegate ancient sacred places and figures to the rank of diabolical antiquities. He assimilated them.

The Catholic religion has become the symbol of Irish resistance facing the Anglican invader. Daniel O'Connell founded the Catholic Association and gathered, in 1843, nearly 1 million people in Tara (former capital of the Celtic kings); finally, the Constitution of 1922 presents a resolutely clerical aspect.

The important place of religion is obviously no stranger to Ireland's conservatism on social issues. It was not until 1993 that homosexuality was decriminalized, divorce has only been legal since 1996, and abortion since 2018.

In recent years, revelations about the scandalous actions of nuns at the head of laundries for single mothers as well as the denunciations of pedophile priests have undermined the Irish faith in the Church without measure.

Latest proof to date:gay marriage adoption in 2015, despite very strong opposition from the clergy ...
And now almost one in 10 Irish people say they are " without religion ", ie a strong increase (73,6%!) between 2011 and 2016. Catholics, for their part, now constitute “only” 78,3% of the population.

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