Traditions and customs Catalonia

Traditions and customs Catalonia


There is a very Catalan tradition: the castellers, or châon to unhook the Sun, as we would sometimes like to unhook the Moon?
It is practiced in a team (colla), there are now about sixty, including the legendary colla Vella, which, like so many others, has more than a century of existence. And we even found 1th century documents in Tarragona that spoke of it!
The rules of the game are simple: climb as high as possible and descend without falling.

- Un little ttechnique: first, you have to form a pinya, a meme8 you, although this is weak protection, the children at the top wear helmets.

The most important, which often win all the distinctions in the competitions, are the colla Vella Xiquets de Valls and the colla Joves Xiquets de Valls. There are sometimes castellers in Barcelona in June, such as at Plaça Sant Jaume (the second Sunday in June), Plaça de Catalunya, or at neighborhood parties. You will also find them in Reus, during the fiesta of San Pere, in June and regularly between June and September, in the squares of Tarragona. Otherwise, all you have to do is track them across the region, during festes majors (local festivals), or stick to the TV, which broadcasts them regularly.

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Know-how and customs

- In hotels and restaurants, it is often necessary to add to the prices displayed a fees (IVA), which ranges from 10% (normal) to 12% (in some chic restaurants). Also good to know, bread is generally invoiced in Spain; sometimes it is pa amb tomàquet. And supplements for service on the terrace are far from rare.

- If the service is included in the bill, the tip (The tip), it is not: it is not obligatory, but it is courteous to leave something (up to 10% of the bill). Don't forget that the salaries here are slightly lower than in France.

- There is a ritual that can be found throughout the week, before dinner, the Spaniards are used to strolling in the streets of the city, along the seaside walks for example, with family or friends . Elegance is essential. It is a very convivial moment, often punctuated by reunions. A spectacle not to be missed.

- There are few public toilets, but it is easier than in France to use the toilets in cafes and restaurants. It is also found in cultural places, and in some department stores or shopping centers in large cities.

- We pay attention to his tenuous when entering a church (bare legs are frowned upon, and it is better to cover arms and shoulders).

- About the car, Spaniards park anywhere, including double or triple queues, but never on disabled parking spaces, which they scrupulously respect.

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