Traditions and customs Australia

Traditions and customs Australia

The mateship or a cool way of life

Mateship and cool attitude ... “We're just a bunch of convicts, mate! "(" We're just a bunch of convicts, mate! "): That sums up the Australian philosophy and lifestyle.

Un sense of self-mockery certain, British as they are, mixed with a culture of surfing, of the beach, of “cool”, that the country has helped to spread. Australians have a touch of madness, a touch of eccentricity which contrasts with the sophistication and gentrification of their large cities.

This explosive mixture is felt in human relationships. Social hierarchies do exist, but they are more porous than elsewhere. No one here will be offended if you address your boss in a frank and warm “mate” (“mate!”) Manner. It is also common to see a journalist manhandling a politician with bewildering familiarity, even when addressing the Prime Minister.

In Australia, no frills, even at the first meeting, we call each other by first name.

The talking is felt in everyday life, and as a tourist, you learn to be constantly approached to know where you come from, where you are going, the reasons for your trip to the other side of the world. .

Mateship is a way of life, above the rest. In 1999, there was even talk of including this value in the Australian Constitution! Prime Minister John Howard proposed that the term be included as a fundamental principle of the Australian people. We help each other, in the tradition of the first explorers and settlers who came to the territory.

In any case, once friend with an Australian, it's life, death, and you hardly exaggerate!

Healthy life

Lunch, in the evening to let off steam. If all do not practice it, it is rare to meet on the coast an Australian who has never set foot on a board ... In general, the practice of sport is widespread in the country.

Municipal parks are full of runners and athletes of all stripes, accompanied United, this cult of the body and a good hygiene of life is not valid for the whole of the population, far from it.

A study shows that nearly a quarter of the infant population and 63% of adults are overweight, with these numbers rising steadily.

Taxes on tobacco played well in smoking (the majority of beaches are) is prohibited and punished with a fine of $ 150.


If there is one thing that Australians are not about to give up, it is beer: in 1997, on average 95 l / year were absorbed per capita! The heavy beer consumption is almost a tradition, inherited from the famous prisoners, the convicts. It is estimated that European settlers consumed more alcohol per head of pipe than any other civilization in history.

A cold beer traditionally accompanies discussions around a barbecue, or is part of the ritual with colleagues at the pub, at the exit of the offices. These pubs are so popular that in terms of total land area in the country, they exceed that of Australia's - yet huge - mines!

Important detail: if an Australian offers you a beer, it is frowned upon to refuse it, even out of politeness: it is above all an invitation to cronyism and discussion. You are free to order another non-alcoholic drink.

Finally, gentlemen, know that here relieving oneself on the public road after a drunken evening is severely punished: from $ 200 to $ 500!


Here you will find a barbecue service. We wait our turn chatting, we grill sausages, steaks and other burgers, then we clean behind us (provide a sponge and scraper) to leave the space clean for the next.

A great way to get in touch with the locals, a beer in one hand and a sausage pick in the other! This is'a real institution, and very often, when an Australian invites you to eat at his place, it will be for a good barbie with friends.

Warning, there is all the same to respect. For example, it is not uncommon to have to bring the alcohol that you are going to consume. You may even be asked to bring meat. On the other hand, it is very (but then very) bad taste to arrive late. No more than a quarter of an hour, unless you have a good excuse.

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