Toulouse or Montpellier: which destination to choose for your holidays?

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How to miss Toulouse the "Pink City", the Canal de Midi, the largest Roman building in Europe and many other cultural riches? Likewise, how to ignore the tourist attractions of Montpellier, without feeling a little twitch in the heart? Avoid this dilemma thanks to this match of destinations which will allow us to consider the question from another angle.

Toulouse VS Montpellier: the comparison criteria

Between Toulouse and Montpellier, two large cities in the Occitanie region, in the South of France, the choice is far from obvious. This article leads us to compare these two destinations and designate the winner, for each criterion that may influence the success of your stay: climate, cost of living, available activities, tourist attractions, etc.

Remember that Toulouse the "Pink City", located on the Garonne, is the historic capital of Languedoc. It attracts both architectural heritage enthusiasts and space science enthusiasts. And thanks to places like the Canal de Midi, nature lovers can enjoy outdoor activities there.

Toulouse, Haute-Garonne

Montpellier is one of the few French cities where life is good, given the lenient climatic conditions, the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the quality of life. Its cultural heritage, including the many historical monuments such as the gate and the royal place of Peyrou, will delight enthusiasts of cultural discoveries.

Which city to choose according to the climate and the weather?

The most climate-friendly city is the one whose climatic conditions allow it to benefit from the greatest number of bright and pleasant days, for an urban getaway.

Best weather forecast: Montpellier

The two main cities of the Occitanie region have the same climatic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate: mild but humid winters, hot and dry summers, as well as relatively rainy transition seasons. But if Toulouse knows continental influences, the city of Montpellier is favored by its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The people of Montpellier enjoy more sunny days, as well as a warmer and therefore more pleasant atmosphere than in Toulouse. Note, however, that episodes of heavy downpours can characterize the days of autumn, to take into account when you plan to stay in Montpellier between September and December.


The destination to choose according to your budget

Which city is the most accessible with a reasonable travel budget, with more advantageous costs of living: Toulouse or Montpellier?

The cheapest city: Toulouse

For a visit of only a few days, the differences in the cost of living between these two destinations are insignificant, only ten euros per day, sometimes to the advantage of Toulouse, sometimes to the advantage of Montpellier. But for a stay of more than a week, it is more interesting to stay in Toulouse, if you want to stay in an average or high standard hotel. On the other hand, for backpackers with a limited budget, Montpellier turns out to be less expensive. Indeed, the cost of an overnight stay is a few euros less and makes it possible to make the difference, during a relatively long stay.

Toulouse, Place de la Trinité

Quality of life: health, safety, pollution

The city to favor in terms of well-being is one with a low crime rate, better air quality and better access to medical care.

It's good to live in Toulouse

Despite the good reputation which precedes the city of Montpellier, it is in the Pink City that life is good. Indeed, the crime rate in Toulouse is relatively lower. Suddenly, the people of Toulouse are more serene when it comes to walking alone in the street, both in broad daylight and at night. Note, however, that the health system in Montpellier is slightly more reassuring, compared to that of Toulouse.

Which city to choose according to travelers' opinions: Toulouse or Montpellier?

If you are still having trouble making up your mind, you can also rely on the opinions of travelers who have had a successful stay in Montpellieret / or Toulouse.

Travelers prefer: Toulouse and Montpellier

Sure ! Opinions differ when it comes to separating Toulouse and Montpellier. However, those who have a weakness for the art, culture and authentic architecture of brick buildings, opt for Toulouse. The same goes for space science enthusiasts who like to wander through the city of space. As for Montpellier, this city attracts those who like to walk and admire the boulevards and the elegant architecture of the buildings. Seaside vacation enthusiasts also like to stay in Montpellier, which is a stone's throw from the beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

Which destination to choose for a weekend or a week: Toulouse or Montpellier?

Which destination to choose according to the time you have available: Toulouse or Montpellier? Choose the one that offers activities adapted to the length of your stay.

For a romantic weekend, prefer Montpellier

Botanical garden, superb squares and boulevards: Montpellier is full of magnificent places ideal for romantic walks, visits and activities with friends, for a weekend.


For a week, prefer Montpellier and Toulouse

Montpellier and Toulouse are beautiful cities that lend themselves to a stay of a week or more. Indeed, they are lively and dynamic cities that leave little time for boredom. You will find what you are looking for here, whether you are passionate about art and culture, going out with friends or shopping, urban getaways or nightlife entertainment, to end your days in style.

Which city to choose, depending on the places of interest to visit?

The success of a stay depends on the quality of the accommodation but also on the diversity of the activities to be done. So which city is more attractive, in terms of cultural discovery, Toulouse or Montpellier?

The city with the most UNESCO classified sites: Toulouse

Montpellier intramuros has many historical monuments, but none of these buildings appear on the list of Unesco heritage. In Toulouse, on the other hand, you will be able to discover natural and cultural sites classified as Unesco heritage, like the 12,6 km of Toulouse waterways, constituting the starting point of the Canal du Midi, and the Canal de Brienne. In addition, there are the Jacobean churches such as the Saint-Sernin basilica and the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques, which are among the goods of the Ways of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle in France. What makes Toulouse the city to be privileged!

Toulouse, Dome of La Grave

The most cultural destination: Toulouse and Montpellier

Toulouse and Montpellier are cultural destinations that will make happy people who are passionate about architectural heritage, art and culture. Indeed, the Pink City is home to a dozen museums compared to 8 for the prefecture of the Hérault department. In addition, these two cities are close to Unesco sites in Occitania, including Carcassonne, the Pont du Gard, the city of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert in the Val de Gellone, or the fortresses of Vauban. . Likewise, these two destinations are also located near the remarkable goods and buildings of the Paths of Santiago de Compostela in France: the Saint-Sernin basilica and the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques in Toulouse and sites such as the Devil's Bridge, near Montpellier.

So, which is your choice: Toulouse or Montpellier?

So which destination to choose? Toulouse the Pink City, known for its architecture and its aerospace industry or Montpellier, favorable to a relaxed urban tourism experience? Whatever your preference, we are curious about your choice, so share it in comment !

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