Toulouse, city of festivals

We know Toulouse for its sense of celebration, perhaps less for its festivals. From sunny days, from April to the end of October, the Pink City programs numerous artistic and cultural events, for all tastes: flamenco, organ concerts, contemporary art, world music, tango or classical photography… Focus on the best Toulouse festivals.

Flamenco festival

Toulouse is undoubtedly the most Spanish of the large French cities. This festival, where great flamenco artists meet, is proof of this. On the program: shows, exhibitions, series of conferences, honoring of cante flamenco (sung flamenco) ...

Meet at the Casa de España, at the Instituto Cervantes, at the Henri-Desbals socio-cultural animation center, at the Espace Croix Baragnon, and, for the closing show, at the Halle aux Grains, where produced this year Rocio Molina.

From 7 to April 15

Flamenco Festival website

Toulouse International Art Festival

Printemps de Septembre is getting a makeover and changing its name this year, but its inspiration remains the same: it is still about celebrating contemporary art and the performing arts across the city. With the slogan: "The artist comes first" (The artist in the foreground).

The exhibition route is refocused on the banks of the Garonne, through 7 emblematic places of Toulouse (Jacobins, Augustins, Hôtel d'Assezat, Hôtel-Dieu ...), where visual art creations are presented to the public . Choreographic and musical performances take place in heritage places.

Sounds and lights, street artists, mobile sculptures, the imagination takes power in the streets of Toulouse!

From May 24 to June 23

Toulouse International Art Festival website

¡Rio Loco Festival! (Photo)

Rio Loco, Toulouse's flagship event. A festival that moves the whole city, and particularly the banks of the meadow of Filters, on the edge of the Garonne. Each year, a country or a region of the world is in the spotlight of the Toulouse program.

The artistic program (outdoor concerts, nightly film screenings, visual arts exhibitions, readings, theater, shows for young audiences, gastronomy, crafts, etc.) reflects the cultural richness of the guest geographic era.

Almost 100 events and 50 concerts given by 200 artists take place on the Filters meadow in front of some 150 festival-goers.

In 2013, Rio Loco devoted itself to the Caribbean Islands: from Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago via Haiti, Martinique and Guadeloupe. On the program: Jimmy Cliff, Kassav 'and Tego Calderón…

June 12 to 16

Rio Loco site!   

Electronic Nap

Take a nap while being lulled by new and electronic music (therefore!) In the heart of the Pink City? It's possible ! The last weekend of June, Toulouse reiterates the operation, given the success obtained each year with amateurs, informed or just curious, of calm electronic music.

An eclectic program of contemporary music from all over the world is on the menu during these afternoons and evenings punctuated by free concerts.

The Siestes take place in several Toulouse sites (Hôtel de l'Archevêché, Jardins Compans-Caffarelli, etc.).

June 27 to 30

Electronic Nap Site  

Tangopostale Festival in Toulouse

Toulouse, birthplace of Carlos Gardel, celebrates the tango. During the week of the tango festival, enthusiasts can dance from lunch until dawn, in tree-lined squares, by the river, in the streets, in parks ...

The festival aims to disseminate the culture of Rio de la Plata, on traditional dances, music, and the history of tango. Most milongas are free, thanks to the support of the city, in particular there is a milonga every afternoon on the banks of the Garonne. In addition to balls, Tangopostale programs exhibitions, films, meetings related to tango ...

July 1 to 7

Tangopostale Festival website

Toulouse beaches

Each year, the banks of the Garonne are transformed into a beach to the delight of those who do not go to the sea. On the program: leisure activities, shows, workshops, fishing, canoeing, rowing ... and relaxation.

Main sites: meadow of Filters, Bazacle, port of Daurade, quay of Exil.

From mid-July to early September

Toulouse Plages website

Piano at the Jacobins

A cycle of classical music and jazz concerts, in the magnificent and romantic setting of the cloister and the Jacobins chapter house, as well as Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines, the Abattoirs museum and the Cité de l'Espace. At least 7 concerts per week.

Be sure to book early enough. First to get a seat, then to get a good seat!

Of the 2 28 September

Piano aux Jacobins website

Manifesto Festival

Festival dedicated to young contemporary photography. Well-known and recognized photographers, who come to exhibit their works, highlight new names and emerging talents in photography. Exhibitions at the Viguerie port and in other places.

Alain Fleischer is the guest of honor and the president of the 2013 jury.

Of the 7 28 September

Festival Manifesto website

Toulouse les Orgues

Each éPyréColl.

There is something for every taste and every hour, with the best vocal and instrumental ensembles in Europe.

& OeligSernin, éPierre-des-Chartreux or Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines ... in short, in all places where there are organs.

From 9 to October 20

Toulouse les Orgues site

New! Le Routard is releasing a guide entirely devoted to Toulouse: addresses, tips, anecdotes, itineraries, maps ... Everything you need to fully discover the Pink City!

Consult our Toulouse online guide

Toulouse Tourist Office

So Toulouse Tourism Pass: free access or reduced rates on 35 sites in the city and free transport.

How to get there ?

Daily TGV from Paris-Montparnasse (5 h) and Bordeaux (1 h 50). Intercity rail links with most French cities.

Daily direct flights from many French airports with Air France and EasyJet.

Or sleep ?

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