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Great comfort as seen by Vacansoleil

Fiji, Bali, Waikiki, Tahiti… These are names that smell like the sun and hot sand. And a great vacation in perspective! These names are those of the luxury mobile homes on the Vacansoleil labeled campsites.

Campsites in 16 European countries

With a team in its name during the Tour de France cyclist, the company Vacansoleil was talked about in July. But for the summer, Vacansoleil is not only appreciated on the sides of the Grande Boucle roads. With 360 destinations in 16 European countries, Vacansoleil has a particularly extensive catalog of high-end campsites. Besides France - on the shores of the Mediterranean, on the Atlantic coast, but also in Burgundy or Ardèche! - you will have the possibility to organize your stay in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia or even in the Czech Republic!

What is luxury camping?

If Vacansoleil claims a positioning on the top-of-the-range, one is entitled to wonder what is behind this name. This is reflected in particular by particularly comfortable tents, bungalows and mobile homes. Thus, mobile homes are generally equipped with a wooden terrace, a fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, coffee machine, etc.) with the crockery that goes with it, air conditioning as well as a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. Enough to make these rentals an ideal place for holidays with friends or family, each mobile home can accommodate 4 adults and 2 children. And this luxury also applies to the tents, which have 3 bedrooms and a raised floor for maximum comfort.

At the same time, Vacansoleil takes care to select 3 or 4 star campsites, in a pleasant setting where everything is done to be able to have a good time. Swimming pools galore, massage parlors, jacuzzis, fitness rooms, sports fields (mini-golf, tennis, basketball, etc.), wi-fi Internet ... Nothing is missing, even if some of these offers are only available in option, via a small additional charge.

In the end, a holiday on a Vacansoleil campsite is therefore the guarantee of a friendly and comfortable holiday, both for parents and for children. So, if there is something for everyone, why not you?

Want to discover luxury camping abroad? In this case, do not hesitate to compare the prices of plane tickets to Croatia, Slovenia or the Czech Republic!

More information on the Vacansoleil website

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