Tips for responding well to sunburn

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A sunburn can ruin an important part of your vacation. Besides being unsightly, it burns, it hurts and when the skin peels it will ruin your entire precious tan. In addition, sunburn should not be taken lightly. They are really dangerous for long term health and skin cancer is not just a distant risk if you are not taking care of yourself.

Here are all the precautions and tips to react well to sunburn.

How to deal with sunburn?

When you come home from the beach and find that your skin has turned red, then you've probably sunburned. If you want to prevent the skin from drying out and want to give it a chance to turn into a tan, you need tohydrate quickly with an after-sun milk. Don't forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, because burnt skin signals a dehydrated body.

In addition, it will always be better not to get sunburned to avoid the significant health risks that can result in the long term. For this, sun protection remains the only truly effective solution. Even when you are tanned, always remember to protect yourself if you are exposed to particularly strong sunlight. A tan obtained in the south of France can still suffer from sunburn in Bali!

Recognize the different types of sunburn

Whatever happens, using an after-sun is always a good idea, even when you are tanned. This allows you to prevent the skin from drying out and thus to keep your tan for longer. In addition, it is also very important to know how to recognize the different types of sunburn in order to know how to react to them. If a simple rosy skin ready to tan in the days to come can ruin your vacation, some sunburns are much more serious.

Knowing how to recognize the different types of sunburn

If the skin turns bright red between two and twelve hours after exposure, it itches and is painful on contact with clothing, then we are talking about second degree burn. It is imperative to hydrate the skin and avoid contact with the sun for a few days. If the skin turns purplish red just 6 hours after exposure, then this is a third degree burn and a doctor should be consulted for the same treatment as for burns.

What to watch out for in case of sunburn?

If you notice that your skin rosy, you must be vigilant and immediately take the shade. Make sure your skin does not get worse and watch for any changes to assess the severity of the burn. In certain conditions, such as a hike or a trip to nature, proper management of a sunburn can be life-saving. Stay hydrated as much as possible and soothe the burn with cold water.

If, despite the application of soothing cream, you notice theappearance of blisters, make sure they don't get infected by gently cleaning the skin. Above all, do not pierce the blisters and protect them with a bandage. Then go to a doctor as soon as possible to help you treat your sunburn. Also remember to always monitor your temperature. Severe sunburn can cause fever and fainting.

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