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Practical advice for future expatriates

When the travel bug took hold of you, you did not necessarily have to consider moving abroad for a long stay or even to work there and then the opportunity presented itself and now you are looking for good deals. so that your departure takes place in the best conditions.

What to do with your current apartment?

The administrative questions settled, it is now looking at your apartment that the questions are jostling: rent a container to move? Solicit friends and family? Rent a storage room? Sell ​​everything? Here are some tips for leaving with peace of mind.

Take stock of your rental contract: if you are leaving for less than a year and you can sublet your apartment - furnished or not - subletting may prevent you from having to move completely and allow you to keep your apartment for an easier return. If subletting is not possible or does not suit you, it will be necessary to organize your move. Direct your search for a furnished or semi-furnished apartment: moving abroad can be very expensive and it will often be more economical to buy the equipment you need locally.
If you haven't found an apartment before your departure, a youth hostel or aparthotel will give you some time to visit yourself and find your base.

What about the furniture?

Once you have made your decision, you will still have to empty your current apartment. To lighten up and do a good deed, do not hesitate to call on neighborhood associations that can collect books, clothes, small appliances and even small furniture. Using a garage sale or a private sales site can also help you supplement your moving budget. Once this sorting is done, it will be easier for you to assess the volume you have to move and the storage space you need.

If you have decided to travel light and not to take all your furniture and belongings with you and since it is not always easy to distribute boxes and bulky furniture to friends or family, costing between individuals is the right plan which has the wind in its sails. Cost-storage between individuals allows you to find quickly and near you, the storage space you need: cellar, garage, attic, box. Economical and practical, this solution also offers the advantage of being flexible in use if you return home earlier from your trip, if you need to access your boxes during rental or if you are extending your stay.

All you have to do is send out the “big arms to carry the boxes” invitations to your friends and / or your family or to call on a professional mover according to your budget. Finally, to travel serenely, set aside 2 to 3 days with your family or at the hotel to rest before your departure.

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