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Travel cheaper, travel more!

In my guide “36 tips to travel much cheaper“, I reveal my secrets to travel at low cost (without compromising on comfort). It is thanks to these famous tips (to assumed life choices) that I travel with my family on average 6 months / year.
Yes it's possible !

so here's the 13th tip of this guide. It may not be the least known, but it surely is the most efficient, and the most profitable. It allows you to reimburse you for your accommodation during your travels, or even earn money while traveling !

TIP 23
Renting out your accommodation during your vacation

This is THE ultimate solution!  So I will explain how to do it, the many advantages of this formula, and finally, I will try to find solutions to your fears.

The preferred site: Airbnb

No need to register on a multitude of sites, today just 1 is enough to cast a wide net. Indeed, for several years, the Airbnb site (leader in rental between individuals) has succeeded in convincing the majority of travelers. Suddenly, a large part of them go through this platform to find their vacation rental. Myself, I have counted 822 nights via Airbnb to date! So if you haven't yet registered, now is the time.

Benefits of the Airbnb site:

  • free registration: the platform will only take its commission on actual rentals.
  • world famous: whether as a traveler or as a host, this site will offer you the widest choice.
  • solid guarantees (but we'll talk about it again) ...

Create an Airbnb host account here >>>

The benefits of seasonal rentals

Generate additional income

Some people use this income to travel even more, but you are not limited to that. You can just as much use this money to pay your bills, finance new projects (ideas for work at home?), Or to make your dreams come true. Me, my passion is travel. And you, what is your dream? It remains to boost your income simply to be able to finance it.

Welcome the world to your home

Even if you don't have the opportunity to travel a lot, welcoming people from other countries and / or cultures to your home is a journey in itself. And it is also sometimes the occasion to make new friends. It's not a utopia: it's while traveling via Airbnb that I made a heart friend in Italy (Marco): it's been 3 years since we kept in touch, and we have even returned home since . So get to know the world without leaving your home.

Share a piece of home

The trip is a unique opportunity to exchange, to share. And since your accommodation reflects your lifestyle and your culture, it can be the center of this sharing. And even more if you are proud of your neighborhood, your city (or your village), your neighborhood. Share this with other people who want to know your place.

Earn money while traveling

When you go on a trip, your house or apartment is left empty. So do like many travelers I know: take advantage of this period to rent your accommodation at that time. Some of my friends don't leave often (at least much less than me), but they take advantage of certain events (such as the Fête des Lumières in Lyon) to escape the influx of people during these periods, while renting their apartment at gold prize! So don't wait any longer, take advantage of your accommodation!

Participate in the local economy

And especially if you are not in a tourist center ... Many travelers seek authenticity, the possibility of “living like a local”: this benefits local economies by supporting residents and businesses, and by encouraging cultural exchanges. .

Your brakes, my solutions

I'm afraid to find my home ransacked
First, know that this kind of mishap is very rare. But in any case, by hosting travelers through Airbnb, you are covered up to € 800 with the Airbnb Host Guarantee. In addition, when needed, Airbnb support is available 000/24. So no more hesitation, you can publish your ad now.

What happens if I realize that something has been stolen from me (a DVD, a cup, a phone…)?
As a host, you have the possibility to set up a deposit system (managed by Airbnb). You can then ask the traveler for money to repair damage or reimburse stolen items.

How to welcome my tenants while I am on vacation
The seasonal rental can be very profitable, but it also requires a minimum of time: the reception of the travelers, the inventory of places of exit, the cleaning, the laundry etc. Know that you can delegate all of this. Here are some solutions that may be available to you:
- the nice neighbor, the good boyfriend / girlfriend, or a member of the family. Remember to reward him according to his workload, at least with a small gift. Personal note: I think this choice should only be made if it remains very punctual, in order to maintain good relations with those close to you.
- the caretaker of the building, if you have one.
- a real estate agent (but this is generally not the most efficient solution, nor the most profitable).
- a specialized company: many sites have taken this niche and offer various services to facilitate the management of your rental. Look to Luckey, HostnFly, WeHost, bnbLord, or Welkeys for the high end.

Will people bring their dogs back, or smoke at my place?
On Airbnb, you stay in control of your requirements: just say what you don't allow at home. Also note that you can consult the profile of travelers before the final reservation: you can therefore favor certain types of tenants (if you prefer to receive families, for example), or according to the comments they have received following their previous rentals.

My accommodation is surely not suitable.
Note that on Airbnb, you do not have to rent your entire home, you can also rent a room, an extra bed, or even a cabin at the back of your garden. Everything is possible, just create your ad.

My accommodation is not well enough placed.
It is true that you will have more facilities to rent your house or apartment if it is in a big city (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Bordeaux etc.), close to tourist places, and very well connected. by transport. But the opposite is not crippling either. Obviously, it will have to be rented cheaper, but this could attract other types of travelers (looking for more authenticity, lower prices, more space, etc.). The only way to know is to test.

How can I be sure that my reservation is viable?
Hosts can ask travelers to go through the Airbnb Verified ID process. And since each member can also be rated and receive comments from their previous rentals, you are free to decline a rental request if in doubt.

I don't want some of my stuff to be touched
Simply reserve a place that can be locked (a closet, an unoccupied room, a cellar etc.) and store your personal belongings here. Simply.

I am a tenant of my accommodation, can I rent it?
In this case, ask your landlord for written permission to sublet.

How much money can I expect to earn?
To estimate this, Airbnb has put in place a fairly simple tool. Enter some information about the nature of your accommodation and its location, and you will see what its potential is. Try the simulation tool!

The limits of the seasonal rental

This solution is not perfect either, and may not be suitable for everyone, I agree. There are a few things to keep in mind before you start:

  • some cities (like Paris) now limit rentals to 120 nights per year. You should know ... but renting your main home for 4 months is already a very profitable business.
  • a minimum of standards (electricity, plumbing, etc.) to be respected is necessary for your home to be in the nails.
  • if you are of a “hyper anxious” nature, if you imagine the slightest disaster every 5 minutes during your vacation, it may simply ruin your stay.

Anyway, if you think this solution is not for you, remember that I have gathered 35 other tips in my guide?

Otherwise, go to the next step.

Test for the first time to see

Here, I think I have made the tour of my advice. You are now ready to make profitable your accommodation and be able to earn money while traveling. If you are still a little cautious: rent for the first time for a short period, while not being too far from where you live (or even on site if you only rent one room). If all goes well (and this is what is likely to happen), you should quickly be convinced and repeat the experience.

So, go ahead and validate the first step:
Create your host account on Airbnb
and start funding your next trip (or any other dream; p).

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