Timeless and gourmet: Why visit Sardinia?

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Enough to offer an exotic trip a stone's throw from France ...When we think of Sardinia, we easily imagine ourselves walking among the arbutus and myrtle bushes, or sitting under centuries-old olive trees.. Why visit Sardinia? This island is both eternal and timeless, both for the majesty of the mountains, and for the grace of the wild valleys.

Why visit Sardinia? Landscapes and gastronomy!

The island amazes and surprises with its unique landscapes overhung by white cliffs. Its coastline offers a seaside side very popular with tourists looking for relaxation, sun and tanning sessions on the beach..
But Sardinia has still managed to retain its wild beauty and natural splendor.

Secluded cove

From a culinary point of view, port remains very popular, especially anghelu ruju or giro from Cagliari, which is a rather sweet red wine strangely resembling the Cypriot commandaria. Sardinia is the island of gourmets but above all gourmets because here, everything is delicious: whether it is vegetables, pasta, bread, meats or cheeses. The dishes are tasty and fragrant.

Italian gastronomy

Sardinia: a varied natural and cultural heritage!

Another reason to visit Sardinia? Sardinian roads all lead to unique and quite charming places, such as a beach with translucent waters, a hidden cove, a Romanesque church or a period village nestled in the cliffs.

Whether you go from Sassari to Olbia, from Barbagia to La Maddalena or from Alghero to Bosa, the landscapes are breathtaking and the inhabitants very welcoming. Cultural richness is everywhere with the many Romanesque churches that crisscross the island, as well as prehistoric sites dating back several millennia BC.

Between sea and mountains

Pratical information

Want to go to Sardinia? To make the most of your trip, do not hesitate to consult our practical information. Complete your research using our price comparison to find a cheap plane ticket and hotel.

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : visit the Sardinia tourist office website.
  • Passport and visa : the passport and the visa are not necessary to go to Sardinia. Only a valid identity card will be required as well as the family record book, if there are children.
  • Health and vaccination : It is strongly recommended to make the vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis, especially during hot seasons. This vaccine is all the more recommended if one exercises outdoor activities such as hiking.
  • Silver : Sardinia being an Italian island, the currency is the euro.
  • When to go? Sardinia enjoys a Mediterranean climate, mild and dry. The rains being rare, it is possible to visit Sardinia all year round.

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