Themed itineraries Sicily

Themed itineraries Sicily


  • The blackened cobblestones of the alleys of Palermo will know how to overcome your thicker soles, so much you can wander endlessly between the decrepit palazzi, jump from atmosphere to atmosphere while passing from the bubbling market of Capo to the elegance of Piazza Verdi, from the intertwined alleys of the port district to the venerable monuments of Corso Vittoria Emanuele.
  • And if the capital is not enough, Syracuse and its historic heart - the mythical island of Ortigia - unveil a new wonder on every street corner!
  • Completely different, less known, but terribly attractive, Ragusa and its 2 hilltop districts, linked to each other by long stairs….


  • A getaway in the replete Madonie, where Sicily knows how to be green in spring, will lead you to beautiful hikes in the freshness of the forests, starting from villages - Gangi, Petralia Sottana or Piano Battaglia - which seem frozen forever in time and their old stones.
  • And, as you descend into the plain, let yourself be seduced by the indolent charm of the small villages sown between the round hills, the fields of olive trees, wheat and prickly pears:
  • Piazza Armerina and its fabulous Roman Villa del Casale
  • Caltagirone and its endless scalinata
  •  Enna, formidable belvedere from where you will dominate all this small world


  • A dish of pasta amidst the stalls of the Capo and Vucciria markets in Palermo, or the Pescheria in Catania, will be enough to whet your appetite.
  • Return to the coast, or set sail for Palazzolo Acréide, Ragusa and Modica.
  • With the Aeolian revêches, it is the caper which is essential, in the pesto of the pasta, with the fresh swordfish and even on the pizzas.

Freshness, cool

  • Everywhere, the sea is offered to you for a refreshing bath.
  • Go soak your feet in the icy water of the medieval washhouse in Cefalù.
  • Go cool off in the catacombs of Syracuse, while waiting for the latomies to reopen, amazing ancient quarries that have become gigantic caves, or in a concrete church like the sanctuario della Madonna della Lacrima, where some people pray really very deeply.
  • Unless you opt for the radical solution, an air-conditioned journey back in time to the very dense Archaeological Museum of Syracuse ...
  • Otherwise, take a stroll along the Ispica cava, in the vicinity of Modica, a 10 km fault pierced by old troglodyte houses, buried under the vegetation.


  • After wearing off your soles in the magnificent Zingaro nature reserve, take a break at Tonnara dt Scopello, a cove with turquoise waters, worthy of the most beautiful postcards.
  • Those who have a little time will not hesitate to take the aliskafo (hydrofoil) to the Aegadian Islands.
  • To the north, in Milazzo, with the aliskafo, reach one (or the other) of the 7 Aeolian Islands.
  • Hikers will be delighted to discover at the bend of marked trails, magnificent landscapes overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  • Black sand beaches, pebble beds, rocky coves ... everything invites you to swim!

Stone watches

The history of Sicily has passed and we still admire its grace and power intact today. Their state of preservation is much better than most of those in Greece!

  • Agrigento
  • Selinunte
  • Segesta


Sicily is an ideal terrain to soak up the strength of volcanoes.

  • L & rsquovulcanologist, but you can still approach it by 4x4 bus ...
  • At Les Éhaut, panorama of the archipelago guaranteed, in the middle of fumaroles and sulphurous vents. Magnificent !
  • Have you ever seen the mountain fly in golden sprays of filaments of incandescent lava ?!
  • See the report around Mount Etna, from Catania to Messina

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