Themed itineraries Greece

Themed itineraries Greece

These routes concern mainland Greece.

See as well thematic itineraries in the Greek islands.


© Fotolia - Parthenon, Athens

  • The Peloponnese stands out, with the major sites of Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, without forgetting many other "small" sites (Tiryns, Ithomi, Pylos, Bassae ...) less visited but just as interesting.
  • The site of Delphi can be combined with a tour of the Peloponnese before returning to Athens, another highlight.

Byzantine and medieval Greece

  • Again, the Peloponnese is a good choice, along with Monemvassia and Mystra.
  • Of course, the Meteora monasteries, that of Ossios Loukas, near Delphi and the monastic complex of Mount Athos, in northern Greece, are also important sites, not to mention Thessaloniki.


The choice is vast.

  • On the western side, all the Ionian Islands have beautiful beaches of clear sand, regularly designated as the most beautiful beaches in mainland Greece.
  • The Peloponnese has countless beaches and Pelion has magnificent coves.

For two, in love

  • The (chic) ​​island of Hydra
  • The city of Nafplion with Italian charm
  • The old town of Monemvassia
  • A small village in Pelion


  • Wild Epirus
  • The Peloponnese again (Mount Parnonas, Mount Taygetos)
  • Pelion and its freshness
  • And of course Mount Olympus, in Northern Greece

See also the thematic itineraries in the Greek Islands.

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