Themed itineraries Geneva

Themed itineraries Geneva


L & rsquo shops and monuments combined.

From the famous flower clock from the shores of the lake (which faithfully tracks the time), to that of passage Malbuisson, who chimes the hours by releasing a cohort of little characters telling the story of Escalade, you won't risk being late!

Also to discover:

The watch collections of the Museum of Art and History requested by temporary events, before their completely renewed permanent presentation

The superb Patek Philippe Museum where the brand's time, as well as precious objects and automatons

L & rsquovous).
If the workshops of cabinotiers (the cabinotiers are the watchmakers themselves Gervais (historic district of watchmakers) and the quai de l'Île (on the Rhône), we can visit the temporary exhibitions of the nearby City of Time, hosted by Swatchgroup (with a permanent exhibition of Swatch watches; Pont de la Machine, every day from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m., free admission).

For shopping, head to rue du Rhône, where the big names in fine watchmaking and international luxury are displayed. And if this walk leaves you feeling hungry, why not step in the mirror and register for an initiation workshop foundation of Haute Horlogerie (avenue du Mail 22, workshop on reservation, 290 Fs). On the program: 3 hours to learn how to assemble and disassemble a mechanism!

Alternative culture

For a long time rebellious to me
developed and have a high attendance.

Factory, centrally located on the banks of the Rhône in a former gold roughing factory, is one of the largest self-managed cultural centers in Europe. With its many activities and associations, it covers many artistic fields and has been a temple of alternative culture since its opening in 1989. La Federation of Kugler Artists has invested in another abandoned factory, at Jonction: no less than 220 artists work there. There is also a very popular dancefloor there.

Smaller structures have also emerged, often on the side of the Jonction or on the other side of the Arve: for example, the Gravel pit, installed in a former petrochemical store, mainly specialized in electronic music, techno, house (chemin de la Gravière 9), the Galpon (theater that wants to be different) or the Motel Campo, a pultidisciplinary "creation laboratory" installed in the industrial zone of Praille and which never ceases to give luster to Geneva nights.

And let's complete this quick panorama with theIsland 13, a historic structure in the turbulent Grottes district, near the Cornavin station, inserted into the life of the district. We are working there, in agreement with the many local associations, to promote culture for all. With its punks or experimental concerts, its concert hall The Stable recalls the golden age of Geneva squats (rue de
Montbrillant 14).


We can no longer count the EJacques Rousseau (1712-1778). MêJacques): the Grand-Rue (at number Gervais (a plaque on the Manor store, rue de Coutance, reminds us that he lived there), the Pâquis where he was apprenticed and, of course, Rousseau Island, on the Rhône, chosen by the city of Geneva to pay homage to him with the statue of Pradier.

We s & rsquo1778), who came to seek refuge in the town of GenèJean, which he called Les Délices (and which became the Voltaire Institute and Museum).

Let us quote é1986), éRue, tomb au cimetiè1981). Having come to study law in Geneva, he worked for years in international institutions, at the International Labor Office, then at the UN: his major work, Belle du Seigneur, takes place largely in Geneva.

Finally, n & rsquo1851).


The whole upper town is punctuated by Peter, built for the Catholic worship but adopted by Germain and the Madeleine, as well as l & rsquoGervais (today the Catholic Church), on the other side of the Rhône. As to International Museum of the Reformation, next to the cathedral, it is an essential place to understand the Reformation movement. Also in the old town, the Calvin College, which has been operating without interruption since 1559, and recalls the reformer's desire to provide children and adolescents with an education based on the classical humanities. And if, Calvin Street, the house where he lived no longer exists, we will nevertheless pass in this street of the upper town inhabited by his memory, just as we will go to the cemetery of the Kings to see the site of his burial, although the current plaque does not indicate the real location where it was buried!

Another emblematic monument: the Reformers wall, at the back of the Parc des Bastions, commissioned for the 400th anniversary of Calvin's birth, in 1909. It reads, among other things, the motto adopted by Calvin: Post Tenebras Lux ("After darkness comes light").

The Reformation is also present in other places of the city: in particular towards the lower streets, Place du Molard where the first public preaching took place, January 1, 1533. Not to mention the architecture of the city that it influenced.


GenèPlage). L & rsquoform is améJean: both offer beautiful points of view. And, of course, if the walks weren't enough for you, why not take an outing on one of the historic paddle steamers of the General Navigation Company to discover more of the lake? In season, Swissboat, another company, takes you on a junior cruise course between Geneva and Verbois to discover the wild Rhône and its fauna.

International news

DèRouge and north of Genè which houses the permanent missions auprèRouge, with its new layout, and theUN (including the museum of SDN) for a dive into history and the hottest news.


In this area too, the international vocation of Genèêvous nature d'Europe, which will be very popular with young and old alike. And as soon as the sun shows the end of a ray, we do not forget to go to the Botanical Garden for a walk in the open air herbarium, among the flora of the mountains of the world or in the tropical greenhouses.


GenèGiron 11-19), a set of five buildings built in Laurent 2-4) is a manifesto for Trinitélune built in the years Uni Mail et Uni Pinion -, dressed in a sort of chain mail that protects her from weather conditions.

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