The south coast: wild, preserved and superb

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The southern coast of Croatia, which stretches from Split to Dubrovnik, is a little gem that we really advise you to explore by car or coach, as the landscapes it offers are superb.

Very well preserved, it extends over a few hundred kilometers to Dubrovnik and allows motorists to appreciate an incredibly diverse range of panoramas.

The sea, of course, with the islands in the distance. But the road sometimes has trouble following the coast, which is very steep…

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Unexpected discoveries

…You then climb very quickly, to arrive at the beginning of the Croatian mountains (about 120 km after Split).

There, you can choose to linger: the small villages (only a few houses) seem frozen for centuries, and the food is very good there.

On the other hand, the inhabitants (and sometimes, if you are lucky, some signs) can inform you of unforgettable points of view, on the sea of ​​course, but also on gigantic gorges, in which splendid waterfalls flow.

For thrill seekers, it is possible, going further inland, to go rafting, mountain biking or caving.

To find what you're looking for, don't panic, there's no shortage of billboards telling you where to go and who to contact.

Very exclusive coves

Taking the road south, you will also see many coves below.

Their access is almost impossible from the road (too steep coast), and you will envy the boaters with a boat, who come to drop anchor in these havens of peace, where only a privileged few have access.

But don't panic, each small village has at least one small motorboat rental company, and if you want, for the equivalent of 40 euros for half a day, you too can access these "exclusive" coves.

We recommend that you do it at the end of the day: when you leave, the sunset on the coast is an unforgettable sight.

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